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Thanks for coming to my Blog! I am a Daughter of a King, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of five, MomInLaw of four, and Gram of four. Designing and creating feeds something inside of me! This blog will be sharing about my faith, my family, my life, my creations and collections. I am on a journey to learn balance and will be sharing about that as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This Last Month....

... Has been so busy, just as yours has been!!! But like my usual situation, It's hard to tell progress is happening here...

Wondering exactly where to place a fountain I inherited from my friend's Mother...

Planting what seems like a million flowers,

Trying to situate and clean up under the deck,

Starting to demolish the mobile home we lived in when we were first married..

It's been a bitter sweet thing for me, fun for Hubby and his "new toy"!!!

Canning apricots!!!

Removing the vinyl above the front door to prepare for paint to prepare for new carpet!!!!

The Fourth of July Parade...



And More Painting!!!

And then we found...

Our Mama cat gone, but her six Kitties are still here!!! So we feed kitties every four hours... I had to ask help from a friend with three... Feeding six was taking up so much time! It's taken too long to get this painting done!

At least I've had help with all of this stuff since Son and Daughter*4 are home from college working this summer. 

Daughter*1 and her family are coming from Germany next week, do you think I can get it all finished??? I will have to let you know how it goes! 

Rearranging decor on the kitchen cabinets, getting guest rooms ready, cleaning up, watering the yard and flowers, mowing, cooking, canning, feeding kitties, prayers and all the important stuff!! 

I will post pictures of things as I finish them! Hope all is well with all of you! 

Oh!!!! If you comment on this post, I will be happy to send you some sparkling cider as gift, celebrating that my stuff is finished... When I actually finish!!! 

Any thoughts about nice ways to display dishes above cabinets would be appreciated! Let me know if you have any  blog posts or see any blog posts with pictures of those kinds of things! Dish displays! I need help!!!

Hugs, and Happy July!!!