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Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Soft Rain"...and lovlies....

"Soft Rain"
"Soft Rain" ~ Part 2
Sung by the
Choral Arts Society of Utah Master Chorale
via Annie of Blue Gables Blog
Thanks Annie!
Looking out the window on a wet June day on the farm. . .

Rain falls, soft rain at my window

 Every butterfly has hurried away,

All the honey bees have called it a day,

Lovelies from Lululiz, some purchased, some gifts. . .                                                  

Mother of Pearl buttons, laces, ribbons, vintage ticking
 and a gorgeous bookmark she made just for  me. . .
And the Columbine are bending their heads in the rain. . 

Rain falls, soft rain making puddles.

For the children's feet the puddles are sweet, 

And the skater-bug fleet find the small pools a treat

And the Columbine are bending their heads in the rain...
Making room for the flowers to grow in our flower beds, but the Columbine has finished blooming!

Flower bed under the deck

While the rain is falling there's a quietness about the world;

While the thunder is calling there's a quiet hush about the world. 
New orchard near our home in Washington State
Other Lovelies from Liz!

A time to remember the beautiful things . . .

To look for tomorrow and your fondest dreams!

More vintage bed ticking, ribbons, laces and buttons

Rain falls, soft rain at my window....

. . . I will go outside where the sleepy rain blows,

           Feel the wet on my face, 

                     Feel the wet on my clothes...
And like the Columbine
                             I want to bow my head in the rain...

So many beautiful things in our world, some are made by man.
But the most beautiful are God's creations.
We make things that look like the beauties of the earth to bring inside 
and decorate our homes. In this picture, even my weeds look beautiful to me. . .
I am so grateful for the many beautiful things the Lord has blessed
us with, beautiful earth and all it's wonders as well as the beautiful designs created by those with
 wonder and awe of the world and a vision to bring flowers inside with fabric.
I am especially grateful for beautiful friends, sisters, sisters by choice, family,
and bloggy friends who all add so much beauty to my life!
Thank you, to all of you, for the joy you bring
through your own blogs and your comments on mine.

Lyrics to the song
"Soft Rain" ~ by Douglas and Janet Cox

I remember this song from when I was about 14. I was at a high school choir performance
and I fell in love with this song that reflected the feelings I have about the rain . . .
I have sung it many times during the rain and decided to share it with you
as I was taking these pictures on a rainy day in June.

Joyous Hearts to you on your Rainy Days!!


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  1. It's beautiful. I too like those warm rains. It just makes everything so clean and refreashed:)

  2. Dear Betsy.
    what a lovely, wonderful post!
    Wonderful pictures from arround your house ....love ths song text and how you accompanied the pictures ...
    Wishing you a wonderful and happy new week,
    Love and hugs

  3. Beautiful collection of buttons and trims. I love that kind of stuff. I thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

  4. Rain Rain Beautiful Rain! Gifts, gifts, beautiful gifts and gorgeous fabrics, laces and braids - all familiar to me from dear Liz.
    Thank you dear Betsy for your lovely comment and for putting the Giveaway on your sidebar. I really wish you heaps of luck !
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Your photos are gorgeous, I just love all the open space you have. Lovely post!

  6. What a beautiful post and lovely photos ... Thanks ever so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  7. Love the sharing of this song I played it in my mind as I went through your pretty pictures! Everything looks so much better after the rain, doesn't it? Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Our Beautiful World!!! and about the soldering of the filigree pieces you can try it with a soldering pen or a woodburning set that has the soldering point. Of course you need acid and a soldering coil, but I think most craft places will carry those. After it was finished I took it to a plating place and they dipped it in silver! Thanks for stopping by and hanging around my blog ;)

  8. Beautiful photo's, I love your lacy loveliness. Deb x

  9. What a beautiful post Betsy, not just the awesome shots you took, I love that you work your photo with the lyrics of the song, Soft rain, what a nice name, I haven't heard that before, but I do now, thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for joining us this week at Our Beautiful World, also thanks for your sweet comment for my post, I am your newest follower now! : )

  10. Beautiful laces and also some beautiful purchase and gift from Liz, we can never have to many laces, your landscape photos are really fantastic.

  11. Oh wow Betsy, you really do have some gorgeous treasures here... I'm definitely going to come back to see more of it later, but it's bedtime now here :) And oh, you have some treasures from Liz too... I got a mixed media collage from her, just love it! The flowers are very beautiful too. I love flowers, aren't they just happiness? And also: beautifully said...
    Hugs, Wendy

  12. Hello my dear Lanettesybetsyboo, I am so happy to see you joining in Our Beautiful World, and with such a lovely first post! Love all the lacy pics, of course ;-), but most of all I love the pic of the plant pot standing in the puddle.

  13. It's raining outside on a quiet evening and I thought I would try to find a recording of a song our A'Capella choir sang many years ago. I found it here! Thank you for the memories and your beautiful pictures.

    1. So glad you found it here! I have looked for it for years and I was so happy when I found this You Tube video! I immediately purchased the sheet music so I have it now! Thanks for coming by my blog!

  14. Enjoyed your photos and words! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I remember.singing this around 12 or so for a choir.solo. My father would.sing it with me at times. I always found it very soothing. So tonight I am up with aching.arthritic hands and feet and this song camr to mind. I remembered most of the lyrics!. It's still soothing.and.brought back.treasured memories. Your words and pictures.are also calming and perfect.for the song. Thank you.


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