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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Favorite Girls in the World! Part I

I don't think I even have to ask you to guess who they might be...
because I already know that you know!

The most beautiful girls in the world, these are my girls!
Right to left, standing, Daughter*1, Grandgirl*2, Betsy (me), Daughter*3, and Daughter*2.
Sitting, My beautiful MomInLaw, Daughter*4, 
and on the pink chair, Grandgirl*1.
These pictures were taken last summer, mid-August. My sweet niece took them for us.

The bedjackets we are wearing are French Broderie Anglaise, hand sewn and embroidered.
I LOVE my MomInLaw, she is such an amazing Mom! She is my dear friend and
has always treated me as if I were her own daughter. I have talk about her in OTHER
posts, but I cannot say enough good about her. I dearly miss my own
Mother,  and I am so glad that I still have her. My own Mother
is also glad that I have her. They were fond of each other as well.
You can see in the picture that she is wearing the absolutely gorgeous 
lace cuff that I won from Suzy during her blog give-away last summer.
I was so happy to win it! I just adore it. Thanks again Suzy! My Beautiful "Mom"
was the honored guest in these pictures, and I gave it to her to wear.

This picture shows the detail of the cuff a little more.
The light was fading when we took these pictures and so we only captured a few
of the cuff. It is so beautiful, you can look Here to see my post about it and more pictures.

Daughter*1 and her children with Me and Grandma.
Four Generations of our Family, I LOVE this picture!
Yes, we hauled the chair out into the orchard just west of our home, 
the orchard just feels like an extension of our yard. It's a BIG yard including the orchard! 
Our attire for these pictures was provided by the sweet Miss Liz who frequents
vide greniers in France when she is there at her lovely cottage.
Mom and I are wearing Vintage French Bedjackets  (Pics 8,9,10 on her post) that I purchased from Liz's Vintageland Blog. Mom is also wearing a Vintage French Nightgown (3rd picture on her blog post) that has a lovely crochet accents across the top and over the shoulder straps. 
The Vintage Baby Nightdress  (Pic 17 on her post) Grandgirl*2 is wearing also
came from Liz. The summer that Grandgirl*2 was born in Germany,
 I emailed Liz and made arrangements to have her mail them to me there. I got a wild idea for these
pictures, but when Grandgirl*2 was new, there just wasn't energy to do them.
So we waited until they were in the U.S. visiting last summer and it worked just right!

Daughter*2 and her Grandmother
Daughter*2's lace covered skirt was a find in Germany on a very good sale! 
It fit her perfectly and was a pretty addition to our photo shoot.
Daughter*2 lives closer to us than her other sisters, so Grandma and I get to enjoy
her company and creativity more often than the other girls.

Daughter*3 and Grandma
Daughter*3 is named after Grandma and they share the same birthdate.
When D*3 was about 4 years old, she looked identical to a picture of Grandma 
at the same age. It was such a sweet genetic miracle!
These two gals have a special connection that warms my heart.
Of course, she loves all her grandchildren, but when one is born on your birthday
and named after you, what can you do??? ;)
Daughter*3 is wearing a beautiful scarf we also found in Germany that trip.
Daughter*4 and Grandma
Daughter*4 is wearing a vintage Vintage French Top (Pics 8 - 13 on her post),
that is the most beautifully detailed top. I was so excited to find these vintage
beauties to "dress" my girls in these pictures. I just wanted softness and beauty for
them to be robed in.  Daughter*4 is also wearing a necklace created 
by Rhonda of A Little Bit French.  She posted a picture about it on her blog 
and I was the lucky one to get it from her Etsy Store, Parisgal56.
This was my Photo Shoot Dream Come True!
More later!

Hugs to you all, my friends and followers!


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