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Thanks for coming to my Blog! I am a Daughter of a King, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of five, MomInLaw of four, and Gram of four. Designing and creating feeds something inside of me! This blog will be sharing about my faith, my family, my life, my creations and collections. I am on a journey to learn balance and will be sharing about that as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My First Post!

Memories tug at my heartstrings, Memories of sisters and brother,
But the fondest of all, that I can recall, are the memories 
of Father and Mother.
As the youngest in a family of 12, I observed our mother sewing most of our clothes, making dresses for weddings and quilts for babies, cooking yummy food, giving generously and making do with what she had. I loved everything old in our home and in the homes of my grandparents. I recall sitting next to my mother, attempting to embroider...I did not have her patience, but I longed to be able to sew beautiful things like she did. I would spend hours in her bedroom arranging the jewelry in her jewelry box, some of which was her mother's, imagining how lovely I would look when I was old enough to wear her jewelry and dresses. She was so pretty, and I wanted to be pretty just like her! At a young age, I began making gifts for my family and friends as my sisters had learned to do, birthday cards, stuffed animals, candles in pretty old Avon creme containers, necklaces, pictures, dolls... I loved looking through mother's sewing room, digging into boxes containing fabrics, tins with buttons, seam bindings and rick rack, ribbons and laces. I looked through her stacks of fabrics, dreaming of what I could make with them. She encouraged me to create and it has become a part of who I am.

***Sometimes, MANY TIMES A DAY!!, it gets in my way....I have so many ideas going through my head I can't keep up with me.
I struggle to choose and prioritize....I seem to want to do it all...NOW!!  They always told me I could....but no one knew how much "all" was going through MY head! SO, at 50 + years old, I am reevaluating my situation in life and determining what I will keep, and what I will let go...it is going to be hard for me....I love too may things....but I know the Lord will guide me through it and love me through it so I can become the me that He wants me to be...

This wonderful family of mine gave me the nickname "Betsy".  I was the new baby sister, and most of them were calling me "Netsy", short for "Lanette", my first name. Jody, the sister on the top left, had really been hoping for a baby brother, but she was rather put out when she got ME instead! Jody had a preference for "Betsy", and as an offering of peace to Jody, the nickname became mine. These kindred spirits have lifted, tickled, encouraged, spanked, sang with me, celebrated, cried, rejoiced, held and hugged me throughout my life. We adore and miss our dear  parents, but we continue to live and love as siblings. And though we may irritate each other at times, we work through it and forgive each other, just as Family ought to do...Thank You, Daddy, Mama and Sibling Friends...you are tightly wrapped in my Heartstrings....never to be released....


  1. Welcome to Blogland! I am so happy to see that you are finally posting. You have so many beautiful things to show us and tell us about. I am looking forward to seeing lots of photos on your new blog. x

    1. Liz,
      Thanks for coming by! You've created a monster! LOL

  2. I loved your post, my Betsy.

    "The fondest of all that I can recall are the memories of Father and Mother." Oh how I agree with that!

    That photo is one of my favorites of our family. We look so young. I don't think our insides have changed as much as our outsides. Love you. Jody

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, sweet sister of mine,
      I love this pictue too.....We do look young.....and we feel young still...that was 25 years ago this month, "time flies on wings of lightning".
      Our literal insides have changed...but our souls and goals are much the same...It will be so good to see you! So glad your heart is healing!

  3. Hi Betsy! I am finally making my way through the wonderful Grow Your Blog list. I am so happy to meet you. I love your passion for heirlooms and hand crafts. I sat for hours on end with a jewelry box that my great-grandmother gave me filled with her costume jewelry. It meant so much to me so I loved the story you shared of you with your mother's box.



    1. Traci,
      I remember those hours or dreaming when I could be old enough to wear that pretty stuff....I am glad they are back in style somewhat! but where I will ever wear them, I do not know! I may need to make a princess doll to wear them for me!
      Hearts to you,


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