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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Look What Came in My Mail!!!

Don't you just LOVE it when you are expecting a package in the mail???
I was so excited about this package, I walked to the mailbox, a ten minute walk,
twice this last week, even though I was sick, because I hoped this package 
would be in the mailbox... but it wasn't there yet. Bummer. 
But it did arrive a few days later!!!!! YAY!

In October, Pat, of Pat Winter Gatherings Blog, had a birthday giveaway, 
celebrating her very own birthday. She is very generous to give a gift to a blog friend for her birthday! 
If you are familiar with her blog, you know she makes the most amazing 
Crazy Quilt ... everything! Quilts, and purses and wall hangings
and every one of them is unique and beautiful,
just like Pat herself.

        This is the beautiful neck purse she custom made for me as my gift! Isn't it gorgeous??!! She asked that I send her my color selections and I asked if I could send her some fabrics and laces and ribbon to include in my purse. I thought that might give her an idea of what colors I would like and she could add whatever she felt would look best. I was so excited, I cried! I had purchased a kit from her last spring, when hubby and I were so ill, and really enjoyed watching the DVDs while in bed getting better. I still hadn't the courage to actually make something. I have been going to, but I chicken out...And when I saw her offer to custom make a purse, I was thrilled that I might have a chance to win!  To Pat I mailed the small key, top left, the cream lace on the top right, the olive green and gold vintage ribbon just below the cream lace, the antique gold cording she used as the vine for the roses, the vintage gold loopy trim on the lower left (Trim I purchased from LuluLiz Etsy Store!), the fabric in the center on the bottom and the antique gold and gold loopy trim just above it.  There were a few more pieces I mailed her but they were for her to choose from and to use however she liked, in other items if she wanted to. Pat does such detailed work. She sent me an email when it was sewn but not yet embellished and I received it while we were in Germany.  I was so happy I could hardly sleep that night! It would be Christmas again when we arrived home in January! 

Even the back of this purse is beautiful. She used a gorgeous green and gold fabric that is quilted for the back of the purse.  The quilting is textured and some of the most beautiful fabric, I just love it! 

The inside of the purse is lined and has a pretty trim around the edge. 
That is such a sweet tag really personalizing the gift. 
I just love everything about it!

Here is an enlarged view of the work on the top. Can you see the beads sewn to 
the outside of the purse clasp that keep the fabric attached to the clasp? 
What a beautiful way to finish it securely! I love the beading across the key to keep it in place. 
Each of the pearls are beaded around, with many more beaded flowers on the front. 
The silk ribbon embroidery, sequins and beads are just so amazing. 
The fabrics she chose, the threads, the embroidery stitches,
and that beautiful victorian lady, it all just takes my breath away.
I love those silk ribbon roses....so pretty.

I love the many colors and variations of color there are in this purse. 
and now, I am excited to try to make a small CQ project myself. 
I am also working on a chain, with a few baubles, to use as a strap on this purse.
I will post about that when I get it finished. I have really enjoyed just working on the chain!
I am so happy to have won this amazing gift for Pat's birthday!
She is so generous with her blog followers. 

Happy Pat Winter's Birthday to ME!
And to Pat! 
Thank you so much, Pat! 



  1. Pat did a fabulous job creating your little purse. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow! That is an amazing little purse! Happy Birthday to YOU!

  3. Hi Betsy, my friend, congratulations to this so wonderful Gift! Happy Birthday to Pat ....this purse ist wonderful!
    Wishing you a wonderful week, hope, you are better now!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,

  4. This is wonderful Betsy. You are so lucky !! I LOVE Pat's work. She so beautifully combined all the different pieces and colors.
    Just gorgeous. I loved to read your latest posts and especially your time with Liz.
    The photo's are great, it shows you both are so happy to see each other. Great gifts too !!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.

    Warm Hugs and Blessings to you,


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