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Thursday, January 1, 2015

We Took a Little Jaunt from London...

And I was so excited I could hardly keep my composure....

We were heading to

Brighton, England!
I have never been to England before, even though some of my ancestors are from there. 
But look who met me there at the train station.... I saw her coming swiftly toward me and then we just ran and hugged each other!

This is LuLiz from Lalaland!!!! Isn't she beautiful? I was so happy to see her face to face instead of just over Skype, I just cried! She is just as joyful and fun in person as she is on her blog and over Skype. We started to talk and hug and talk and hug and then my family caught up with me getting through the gates.

I introduced my hubby and Liz introduced her hubby, we have all said hello to each other over Skype at different times. But it was wonderful to hug and renew our acquaintance. We took this picture and headed off to go see The Royal Pavillion all together. What a great thing to go to a museum with a blog friend who loves old vintage as much as I do!!!

Liz and I linked arms and walked down the street like two school chums catching up after summer break! We were grateful for our patient husbands, they were fairly ignored for a bit, while we talked and scarcely drew breath!!!
I did have to take some pictures of the city while we were walking.

A French Patisserie, with yummy looking treats in the window, had to stop and take a look at that! 

We walked on down the street, Liz and I in front and our hubbies and our Daughter*4 and her hubby, with our Grandgirls in tow, following along behind. 

There was such beautiful old architecture to be seen, and many two deck buses. It was a very busy city, full of people walking out about the town. We only had a bit before the museum would no longer allow visitors to enter, so we hurried as we continued talking. 

This is the street we needed to turn on, and it was a beautiful street. Just look at that stone on the street, just gorgeous!!! Liz's hubby walked down a ways to find an entrance to the museum for us. It was on the right, just after the light post with the yellow sign on it. 
We hurried in, not wanting to miss the door! So, we all just went down the walking lane, it was not an obvious entrance to a museum. But as we got closer it was obvious we were in the right location as we saw this view...

The Royal Pavillion!!!
Can you believe this Pavillion??? Built by King George IV for his mistress, which was a little bizarre to me. So, I ignored that part and enjoyed seeing the inside and chatting about everything with Liz!

This place was amazing and unbelievable! They would not allow us to take photographs inside the museum, but It was incredible, the amount of detail in every way and every room!!! The draperies and tapestries and furniture were stunning, and much of the furniture was original, very well preserved furniture. If you Google The Royal Pavilion, Brighton and click on images you will find pictures of this amazing place!

It was a wonderful time discussing and "Ooing and Ahhing" over the serving dishes, the chandeliers, 5 large Dragon Chandeliers in the largest dining hall, the great table and massive fireplaces and mantels. They were carved and sculpted and very intricately finished. 

Suffice it to say we were in Vintage Heaven! I was so happy we had planned to go to the Royal Pavillion, because Liz and her hubby had not been there before, either! Our husbands did lots of smiling and teasing us about our comments about things... It was fun and very interesting for them as well. 

We visited the gift shop at the museum, and bought a few souvenirs and went to find a place to eat dinner. We ended back to this street and dined at the restaurant on the left of this picture. "Strada Italian Restaurant".

Liz and I sat down and gave each other gifts. We were both so excited, neither of us got our cameras out take take photos, even though we both had planned to. 

Everyone had ordered dinner and finally our Daughter said, with a smile, "Mom, you'll need to stop talking so you and Liz can order, the waitress is waiting for you..."
We had not even noticed what was happening at the rest of the table! 
We were very busy looking at the gifts we exchanged! My hubby even gave her hubby a gift from our family farm. A hat with the farm logo on it! I think he got a kick out of it! 
The meals we enjoyed were fabulous, they even had a few gluten free options! 
We had to catch the 8 pm train, so we were only able to spend a precious four hours together. We walked and enjoyed the night air back to the train station. It was a gorgeous evening!

Liz and Hubby, they are so cute together! Our hubbies really are patient. We each have a wonderful husband.

The Grandgirls were so well behaved, and they are adorable, if I do say so myself!
The wonderful afternoon had passed so swiftly, and as it was coming to an end, 
it felt as if I had just finished the last bit of cotton candy from the cone at the end of the first rodeo I ever went to!  I had a sweetness in my heart that I savored and it has lingered for weeks! I went from thrilled anticipation of going on a train in a foreign country to visit a town I had heard of in movies to visit a dear friend, I had never met in person to completeing the journey with the warmth of continued friendship glowing in my heart!
While heading there on the train, I knew it would be such a very short visit, but it was going to be wonderful so I decided to not think about it being over so soon, and enjoy every second of it. Which we did!
As we hurried to the train, I just had to take another picture and this is what I saw when I turned around...

It was such fun to actually spend time with a gal who started as my "Fairy Blog Mother" and has become a dear, sweet friend!
Yes, the project board from the last post was for Liz and I am so grateful I was able to hand deliver it to her, while we were on our vacation! Such a great day seeing Old Things in an Old Place and spending my day making a Memorable Time with a Beautifully Familiar Face!
My heartstrings are stretched and holding tight! 
I love this blogging adventure and all you wonderful friends who make it that way!!!
Hope you had a great New Year's Eve celebration, and that this new year is your best ever!!!!
Happy Birthday, 2015!!!!


  1. That is so cool! What a memory you have created.
    Wishing you all the best for 2015.

  2. Hi Betsy,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!
    This looks like a really gret time in UK , meeting LuLiz and family :O)
    Love and Hugs to you,

  3. Hello Betsy,

    This is such a joyous post.

    It is a wonderful experience when a virtual blog chum turns into a real friend and clearly this is exactly what has happened for you and Liz. And, now, through the wonder that is the internet we have found you. Lovely.

    We know Brighton well and it is a most interesting and lively place to be. We are pleased that even in your short time there you clearly had a wonderful time. Always good to leave when one is wanting more......

    Wishing you many more happy blog adventures for 2015.


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