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Monday, January 12, 2015

My Beautiful Gifts from LuluLiz!

I enjoy looking at Liz's Etsy store, LaCroixRosion, frequently. She has amazing vintage finds there for sale at very reasonable prices. This beautiful Battenburg Lace doily is handmade. You can see all the hand stitches on the back side of it, a machine could not have made those stitches, only a skilled artisan could have done so. This is one of the items she gave to me in my Christmas Basket!

Look at this sweet Frozen Charlotte doll she gave to me! I have a "tiny doll fetish"...
I don't even think Liz even knew that! I have wanted one of these, 
but hadn't been able to find one the size I wanted and this Charlotte is just the right size! 
Isn't she adorable? I do want to place some sheer lace about her so 
she doesn't look quite so cold, however!
Another thing I love is vintage buttons, and Liz has many kinds of vintage buttons! 
I think Liz has given me buttons in almost every order I have received. 
She always adds little adorable items wrapped so beautifully. 
I will add these to my button bottle when I get home.

A wonderful vintage wine tasting cup, we will use it for tasting sparkling cider,
which is no surprise to you, is it!

She gave me these very old curtain clips and they are serious clips!
They have SHARP teeth on them that will hold the curtain tightly in place, just as it should be.
 I purchased some 20 years ago for some curtains and I returned them to the store. 
The fabric just slipped out because there were NO teeth in them, such as these clips have.

I love this beautiful detailed pin cushion,
I have always liked making pin cushions since I was young.
I love the three strings of pearls, beads and embellishments hanging from the base of the pin cushion.
The top view of the pin cushion.

"J'adore" this all Eiffel Tower she gave to me!!! 
I have always wanted one of those too! 
I have just the place to put this!

The old French key is just fun!
I have a few key collections,
but I believe this one will go into our youngest Daughter's room that I am still redecorating.
The gorgeous vintage lace and trim... I can't have too much lace! The trim is a favorite of mine that Liz has for sale and I love the peach, pink and cream together, I plan to make a "bell pull" with this piece. 
That darling the little basket, just perfect to fill with dried flowers 
and leave on the table on a spring or summer day.
The trim with the clear beads on it I had purchased from her and she 
included it in the basket, hand delivering it to me as well!

Here you will find my post about us meeting Liz and her hubby in Brighton, and 
 Here you will find Liz's post about meeting us in Brighton with pictures 
of my gift to her, just in case you want to see her presentation of it.
She takes amazing photographs and it looks so nice on her blog post!

I have been working posting my blog posts from my cell phone while
I was in Germany and the UK and it is so difficult for me
to get them to look very good. I still have a few more things I wanted to show
from Liz, but I want to get this post up! I will do another short post 
another time! But I am looking forward to creating with
these items and decorating in a few rooms with them!
Thank you so much, Liz, for the beautiful gifts and time we were able to spend together!

Thank You, to all of you, for your wonderful Blog Friendships.
They mean so much to me!

January Hugs,


  1. Hi Betsy,
    so nice to hear from oyu again!
    How has your trip to germany been? I hope you enjoyed it and you ha da wonderful time!
    The items you got are wonderful and I am looking forward for your crestions you will make with them!
    Have a lovely and creative week, and a Happy New Year to you! ( Can't remeber, if I wihed you one before ......)
    Love and hugs

  2. Hello,

    What a wonderful collection of gifts from your friend, Liz. One can tell that you know each other so well as, surely, you would have chosen all these things for yourself. Each item was obviously carefully selected which makes them treasures indeed. They will serve to give you happy memories of your all too brief meeting until you get together again.

  3. Now you are making me blush, my dear friend. I am so happy that I picked gifts you really enjoy. I keep looking at the wonderful project board collage you gave me, it is soooo gorgeous and I still can't bring myself to take anything off it. I will, one of these days, lol, I promise, but for now I just drool over it. xxx

    1. You are kind and generous indeed. No blushing...you must be a dear friend to have.

  4. What a beautiful gift, Betsy. I am smitten with your Charlotte.

  5. Hello Betsy, and thank you for your kindest comment to me. I am a big lover of dear Liz`s gifts and creations, too, and what you show here is totally wonderful, all. The charlotte dolls are also a favorite of mine, and difficult to find I think,-the laces and buttons, all are little wonders in our world!!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Greetings Dorthe-


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