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Thanks for coming to my Blog! I am a Daughter of a King, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of five, MomInLaw of two, and Gram of three. Designing and creating feeds something inside of me! This blog will be sharing about my faith, my family, my life, my creations and collections. I am on a journey to learn balance and will be sharing about that as well. Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

"Just the facts, Ma'am" ~ just the facts...

Welcome to all of my new followers!
and to those of you who have been here awhile, thanks for hanging in here with me...
while I find... Umm....What was that I was looking for these last years???...


I found this quote on Facebook and made a pretty version to post here because... it's the truth ...

One of the  reasons I started this blog was to see if posting what I DO would motivate me to take care of my... life....I have been so unmotivated for a few years. I found out I had hypothyroidism in March of 2012 and was put on Synthroid for it. It has helped, but I still have a lingering lack of motivation.
(It's probably just my computer addiction that is getting to me! THAT addiction began while looking at all your lovely blogs when I was feeling like I could hardly move!)  Add to the addiction thing, my procrastination AND perfectionism issues, which I talk about in First Post! (in the first two paragraphs), that seem to have gotten worse over time.
I am one of those All or Nothing People whose mind says,
"I feel overwhelmed by it ALL now, so I will do NOTHING, until I feel motivated to do it ALL."
You toss perfectionism into that and in my mind turns it into:
"I CANNOT do it ALL PERFECTLY now, because I am so overwhelmed by EVERYTHING  I want to do PERFECTLY. So, I will do NOTHING now, and then do it PERFECTLY later!" And, when I do clean, you can eat off of it, whatever IT is. Yeah...crazy, I know!....
"So, how's that workin' out for you, Betsy?" you may ask...
Not working well enough, let me tell you!
But, I keep working at it!!!

Gorgeous Vintage French Tin that looks like a book!

Procrastination and Perfectionism issues make it so that I am generally doing the right things
at the wrong times...and many times just procrastinating taking care of organization in my home.
..**rolling eyes at self**, WHY I do that to me, I DO NOT KNOW!!!
....I don't like it...but I do it...(russerfrusser...humph!!)

The Tin Book Spine
AND... I have .A.D.D. ... Attention Deficit Disorder ... I tell my hubby that I have
a defecit of attention from him, and if he gave me more attention,
I am SURE there would be less disorder in our house!

But I don't think I can really blame him for all MY stuff...
So, I am trying something different this year. I have tried something every year,
but I get overwhelmed and give up and go back to my old ways,
which are filling the house! My children and hubby might sign me up for an
"Intervention", and you might see me on an episode of Hoarders!
(Thank Goodness they don't do that show anymore...at least, I HOPE they don't!)

A Tin Book full of Treasures!
But I still have to slow down enough to finish the plan...
There is hope for me somewhere, I just have to find it!
"It's Here...Somewhere!"
So, that is what I will be blogging about. I need to take care of an area and post and
reward myself with making something fun. I know, I know, I am an old woman
and should have gotten a handle on this when I was younger,
but can't go back now,  just have to move forward.

I loved this little silver tray and had to do some talking to get Liz to sell
it to me before she had cleaned it. She even sent this very fine
 steel wool so I could clean it up as well as possible.

These are some pictures of some beautiful things I bought from LuluLiz last spring...

The silver tray, all clean and vintage looking... I just adore it. These vintage glass apothecary bottles
 are lovely, with their glass stoppers in them. I store the buttons in the bottle and place
them where I can see them in my Workroom.
Such fun treasures... I wonder how I will use those laces??!!!

These will inspire me to ... move and get organized....I am sure..... I think!

 (Hmmm... I think I see the problem there...   ;) )

Hugs from my heart and 
Bloggy Valentine Love!



  1. hello Betsy,

    So many ideas rushing through your mind. No wonder you find it hard to decide which route to take. But, it is good to be imaginative and creative, they are the most interesting people in life. You have a wonderful collection of things here.

  2. When God has made someone as extraordinary as you, how can you expect to be ordinary? One thing I have read is we think too big. Rather than starting with a house or even a room, start with a bowl that is over-flowing, or an end table etc...then keep that bowl or end table in order and move on to the next thing. That just seemed to make sense to me. (baby steps) Wishing you every success~
    Have a beautiful weekend and keep well and warm.

  3. I know only too well what you are talking about, my dear friend. I look at the mess in my craft room or the room where I store my French treasures, and I am so overwhelmed, I can't do anything about it. It seems when you start to sort it out, it just looks even worse and that is even more disheartening.On the other hand, when you start with something small, ( like me sorting out a heap of old lace) and you actually manage to finish that small task, it is a glorious feeling of having achieved something. We can do it, girl!!!
    Oh, and thank you so much for showing those little French treasures in your beautiful photographs.Tehehe, I remember our talks about the little silver plate dish, lol.....

  4. Hi Betsy,
    I love this tin book and all those lovely treasures!
    Have a wonderful new week,.
    Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xoxo

  5. I have the same issues with perfectionism and procrastination, coupled with an energy draining autoimmune disease. I know how you feel. I'm trying not to beat up on myself about it and I hope you wont either. You'll be ok.. Lovely treasures, thanks so much for sharing and keep your head up, it will all work out.

  6. What a pretty vignette! I think you are an energizer bunny! You are so creative and talented and always doing and going! Make those kids move home and life will be slower! haha - like we have any influence over that!!


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