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Monday, December 22, 2014

Where in the World are Betsy and her Heartstrings?


Hubby and I headed to visit family for Christmas.

It was a gorgeous day for flying... So much beauty to see. 

Can you see where we landed??? I have never been there before, but I did find out I have ancestors from there. 
Our flight left at 7:45 am from Reykjavik and it was still dark, dark, dark when we left.

During the shorter three hour flight from there to our destination, we saw beautiful views of shorelines,

And big ocean cargo ships, far below us!

Our final destination does not show in this picture, but soon after we landed, we were with some of our favorite people! 

We are in Germany visiting Daughter*1, her Hubby and our Grandgirls!
In the picture, the girls are wearing the twirly dresses we brought them. It has been fun giving them small gifts every day since we arrived. The twelve days of Mimi!!!

We had a two hour nap and then headed out to go grocery shopping! 

Daughter*1 knows how to get over jet lag. We do what she tells us and in just a few days we are adjusted to the new time zone. 

The day after we arrived was my birthday and guess where we went for my birthday...
The Frankfurt Flohmarkt !!!! What a great Birthday celebration! I purchased some great finds!!!! Can't wait to show them all to you! 

Here is a peek at some of what I found ... I will show you everything in the next post. 

What a wonderful Birthday gift, being with our daughter's family and a jaunt to a flohmarkt! Who could ask for more???! Not me!!!
I will be back soon to the blog, with all my fun finds!!!
Hugs From Germany!


  1. Hi Betsy. That's so odd because my niece, her hubby and son are diplomats for the state department on Iceland. It's beautiful but very cold there. They're been in Korea, Germany and well, actually all over Europe since she grew up in Italy and Belgium where my brother-in-law was in the Marines there. They speak many, many languages.

  2. Hi Betsy, oh you are in Germany! How great is this? Have a wonderful Christmas time and enjoy the time with your family. Looking forward for all your news you brought with you from your trip :O)
    Merry and a blessed Christmas to you!
    Love and hugs


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