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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Flohmarkt Finds!!!

I love the times I have been to fleamarkets in Germany. The old things here are beautiful... And well priced, many times. 

Look at all these amazing keys! I know many are not old, but they all are very cool looking and I have great plans for them!

I found about a dozen tiny ...things that I will use to embellish a typesetting tray when I get home. 

The two cups will go nicely with a silver tea set that I bought for the grands to use when they come visit.. We like hot chocolate parties! I love the old cigar box, it is made of wood and has a lovely label and writing on the sides. 

The little brass candle holder (?) will become a planter for a tiny tree, I think.

The cigar box was full of the keys. The vendor was asking €1 for each key and my daughter offered him €20 for the entire box. He agreed to €25 for the keys and the box. There were over 60 keys in the box of all shapes and sizes... It was such a great deal!

The towel that I have everything displayed on I also found there for €.50!!! It is a 3 ft x 3 ft towel, almost a tablecloth size. I love the vintage cookie cutter. It will be such a nice display piece.. And we can make lots of cookies at once! 

I will be using some of the keys for this year's Christmas  ornaments, makes it especially fun since we are spending Christmas here and I found th here!!!
Happy Happy Christmas Time to you all!

Hugs, and Christmas Love,


  1. Oh Betsy, those are wonderful founds! I love old keys and you found so many wonderful ones!
    Happy Christmas to you and have a lovely time!
    Love and hugs, my friend,
    Claudia xo

  2. I love old keys too! What a fun adventure you are having. Can't wait to see some great photos Betsy! Merry Christmas from Alabama! xo

  3. Oh my goodness, what great finds, I love those keys! And that tiny clock, how gorgeous is that! I am so looking forward to seeing your printers tray filled with your new tiny treasures.


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