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Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I have been busy since I posted last, I know you have been busy, as well!
An annual Christmas bazaar I have been to selling apples, or sparkling cider or handmade gifts.

My sweet friend and I share booth spaces each year. She really makes gorgeous handcrafted gifts and ornaments. Her daughter joined her this year and we had a great time!
My cabinet all finished! With the drawer in place and everything! I forgot to take picture of the inside of the drawer. Hubby did an amazing job making that panel on top become a drawer! He was a bit concerned about messing it up, but 
I was certain he would be able to do an awesome job! He thinks I am too confident in his ability!
I decided to use my extra fabric boxes as shelves inside the cabinet, instead of placing permanent shelves. This way, I have many more options for use of this cabinet. I Love It! And it is perfect for using for cider tasting! It holds the bags, the paper towels, the tags, the scissors, the cash, the foil cutter, the tasting cups and everything I need to have on hand while I am selling. And it is orderly and beautiful! Isn't he amazing?! I think so! 
The gorgeous wood signs with vinyl lettering are made by Daughter*2 and she does a beautiful job! 
Hope you have loved the Christmas shows you have been involved in, whether selling or finding Christmas decor and gifts!
I have to show you items I found at a Christmas market! You will be so surprised!

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  1. Your husband did such a great job on the cabinet, its perfect for the shows you do. I love your friend's Christmas decorations as well, they are gorgeous. Great signs made by your daughter, too. Looks like it was a really lovely show.


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