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Friday, December 5, 2014

Merry Christmas Pictures

While the kids were home for Thanksgiving,
We took some family pictures for Christmas. Of course it was fun
since we do "fun" so well! My niece, Jenna, took these pictures for us she was
with us for Thanksgiving since her home was farther away
than ours is from college. She is there with our Son and Daughter*4.
Daughter*3 has graduated from college and lives and works near them as well.

"Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly...."

This was the idea of the "Boss", 
You know how whomever is the baby at the time is the boss about what 
happens and when it happens with your family? Like when you are leaving for church 
and the baby needs a diaper change, or you have to stop the car and feed the baby, 
or get out of the shower to feed the baby, or at 2 they need to use the bathroom 
right when you are paying for groceries at store..., well, "The Baby", 
(Daughter*4 in the middle,on the chair) wanted us to do this pose...so we did!
Daughter*1 says the "Fa la la la la, la la la la" tells you just how 
"Fierce" we are not...I mean, ARE!

Hubby and I....I love this man....more than anything....

Daughter*2 is married to SonInLaw*1 becasue they got married first!
This sounds kinda...hmmmm... LOL!
Daughter *2 and SonInLaw*1, Hubby and me, Daughter*4, Son
and Daughter*3 aren't married, but this is how they
generally respond when the other "stuff" is going on...

Son and Daughter*4 have this picture tradition, he just has to pick her up.
He has hauled her around for 18 years and figures he isn't going to stop just yet!
Now he lives about 50 yards from her at college, where he can still kep and eye on her!

We were sad that the people who live in Germany could not be here for our family
picture,  but....we do have some "PLANS" for them....
You will get to see pictures of them this month, too.

These are my favorite German Traditional Christmas cookies. They are Gluten Free,
Easy to make, and are delicious! Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day in Germany
I hope my "German" friends are able to enjoy some of these cookies
tomorrow! I will be at a Christmas Show so I don't think
I will get to make any more of these then.

Some Pictures of Christmas Decor at our Home 

Winter Wreath

Christmas Display on my Father's handmade toolbox.
I don't know how old he was when he made this, but I know it has been around 
at least since the 1940s. I LOVE IT!

A garland I made with wire and silver beads and bells with the silver ribbon bow on the ends.
I placed it in the garland on the stair rail.

This is how the corner at the top of the stairs looks.
I love the snowmen. The one on the right I recieved as a gift from my friend
for my birthday, and his sign says,
"All my friends at Flakes!"
I love that snowman!
The ice skates are some my parents had that my children used when they 
went skating with my Dad so they are reminders of wonderful memories.

Have fun decorating your home!! See you soon!
Hugs and December Love!



  1. What wonderful family photographs! It is so lovely to see you all together like that. And you and your man, you are just too cute, you guys :-). I love all your beautiful Christmas decorations. I haven't started yet, but I think I'll be putting up the decs in the drawing room tomorrow. xxx

  2. Oh Betsy! I love seeing your fun family! Your decor is wonderful! I still haven't gotten everything out and only the bottom half of the tree is decorated (boys). :)


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