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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grey Dey Thursday and "Grey" Tag Tuesday

Since I have been viewing blogs, I wanted to learn how to make tags.
Beautiful  grey vintage beads, sequins, and laces.
My dear friend Marcella talk to me about making them some
years ago, but at that time my kids were younger and I was making lots of things already.
  I wasn't looking at blogs at the time, and I wasn't interested because I couldn't see what tags 
were "about". Also, I didn't want to put all that effort into something small, made from paper, and
I wasn't sure what I would do with them. I wanted to invest my time and effort into something 
more ... substantial. She suggested that I give them as gifts, 
but I have a very difficult time giving gifts I have made. 

Have you ever had the experience giving a hand made gift to someone 
and it was obvious the receiver was not happy with what you made?
I have had that happen so often, I stopped making gifts for people,
unless I was SURE they would like it. Mostly now
I "Just Send Money". People are always happy with THAT!!!

When I make a gift I am so anxious about it. I rarely surprise people with handmade 
items unless they have had a part in designing it. I don't handle that kind of rejection very well.
My children tell me to just make it and surprise them, they like the things I make, or
I know what things they will like, so I don't worry about them. . . much.

Vintage grey, silver, cream and Mother of Pearl buttons that came in a kit
from LuluLiz.
I particularly loved the tags that LuluLiz from Lalaland was making
and posting on her blog. This last two years, I have found there are so many bloggers who make lovely tags, and I just had not seen them when Marcella had spoken to me about it. 
I GET it now...thanks for your patience with me, Marcella and Liz, and for teaching me how to make them! Their expertise has been invaluable.

Gorgeous Greys fabric collage inspiration embellishment kit, including
vintage French linens, laces, beads, bobbles and bits.

Each one is a small piece of artful beauty you can make out of snippets of this, and pieces of that,
many times those little bits you don't have enough to make a large project with, 
but you just can't seem to part with them. And you CAN give them as gifts, or keep, or send as a
birthday card or Christmas card or ornament. It isn't something
to agonize over, or fuss about...hypothetically...

I have only made a few tags in the This Past Year. If you look at those posts, you will see I 
have not done many. Liz commented on my New Year Resolutions Post that I 
really should include a tag a week for Tag Tuesday.
I am not an official participant, but this will be fun for me to make some...
substantial tags!

The Tag Tuesday Theme for this week is
and this verse came to my mind.

This came from a cross stitch chart I worked on years ago,  designed by D. Morgan.
I had some "Issues" with the project and gave up on the pathetic piece! 
I have yet to remake one for my Hubby. He wants a cross stitch piece from me because 
I have given most of them away. So, this is a short term replacement!
This is going to be his Anniversary card when we celebrate our 33rd Wedding anniversary next month...Shhh!!! He doesn't KNOW! 
(about the card, he knows about the anniversary!)

I wanted to make something with the grey kit that Liz gave me for my birthday, and this 
picture of a home from a Vintage Christmas card was just the look I wanted.
Wintry, and farm like. This fit so very well with my feelings.
Our home is protection for us, but I truly feel sheltered when he is here in it!

In our younger years, he was the one responsible on the farm to get the hay cut, raked and baled.
The baling had to be done after the dew came in, those years ago. Thank goodness we have someone custom bale during the day now! Before our children were born,
I would go out with him some nights, I would rather be with him than home alone. 
After the children came, I was home with them.
 I was always so glad when he baled in the hay field near the trailer we lived in. 
I could hear everything that happened. When the baler stopped, my ears perked up, and I listened
until I heard the tractor and the baler start up again. 
Or, I would call on the Citizen's Band Radio (CB) to see if everything was alright. 

But, when I heard the door open and close and his footsteps down the hall, I would breathe in deeply and relax. It was as if all was right in the world, and I would sleep peacefully.
I really appreciated his hard work for us, and was so very glad he was safe at home, sheltering us.

He will love the card, not because of the Vintage Lace and beads, or because of 
its prettiness, but because he KNOWS how relieved I was and 
how grateful I am to him and for him. He knows I sleep best when he is here. 
And He knows how much fun, joy and satisfaction I have from making these 
beautiful pieces of art!
Liz has another Gorgeous Greys Fabric and collage inspiration kit
in her LaCroixRosion Etsy Store. Thanks so much for the birthday Gift Liz!
Hugs to you all!


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PS ~ Liz...where is your Tag Tuesday Tag????  ;)
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  1. Dear Betsy,
    wonderful pictures for the Grey-Theme!
    love the old Christmas card!
    Have a lovely week and weekend,
    Love and hugs

  2. Okay, that's just not nice - bringing tears to my eyes like that;) What a beautiful story & a beautiful tag. Keep up the good work (play.) And always my friend believe in yourself.

  3. oh how pretty. happy grey dey! (would you kindly add a link to my party?)

    1. I think I was on my way to do that when you commented!
      Thanks for coming by Michelle!

  4. oops....so sorry. trigger finger here...;)

  5. You did a grand job, the tag turned out really well. I love the image and the verse you chose, and you put it all together so beautifully. I just hope that you will stick to your plan and do one tag a week every week ;-). I am so happy you love the gray kit!

  6. Hi Betsy, beautiful your tags, so sweetly vintage! A hug from Italy. Paola from http://ilpaeseincantato.blogspot.it/

  7. Hello Betsy
    I love your tag for the "Shelters/Homes" theme. Liz's grey kit was a perfect starter - exquisite tiny sequins!
    A beautiful quote and so true!
    Visiting from Grey Dey Thursdey.

  8. Such a lovely post about Homes and Shelters. You did such a great job Betsy! Now you just have to keep going as Liz says and try to create one tag a week even just for yourself and you could even treat them like little pages to put into a book. So many ideas once you start. You could use the same them with many different ideas. Just do what feels right to you - don't worry about whether someone will like it or not - that part doesn't matter because you are expressing yourself creatively and that is what matters.
    Warm hugs to you girl!

  9. What a beautiful story, Betsy. This tag you made is perfect to express the sentiment of how relieved and safe you felt when your husband came home. The tag looks wonderful! Hope you enjoy making more (and that recipients appreciate all your efforts).
    Thanks for your visit,

  10. Hi Betsy,
    That is so lovely! A true gift from the heart! Beautiful work too!

  11. Your tag is beautiful, very serene and elegant in grey. Thanks for your nice comment on my Tag Tuesday Tag! Hugs, Valerie

  12. Привет Бетси, у нас с мужем 30 лет было........отличная работа...............

  13. Dear Betsy,

    What a wonderful post. I love how you can tell things and make me see everything you say !!
    Your tag is very beautiful !
    Thank you so much for your visits and sweet comments on my blog !!

    Blessings, Wilma.

  14. What a beautiful and touching post. Your card is beautiful but when you explain your card it somehow surpasses beautiful and becomes real. You my dear are in love and I suspect you have been for a long time. I am much the same about my Eric and your post made me smile. So very touching and beautiful. Hugs, Beverly

    PS thank you for visiting me.

  15. Love this tag. I always feel the same way. Very sweet post. Blessings, Martha

  16. What a beautiful tag and a beautiful post! I loved you writing about your feelings. How wonderful and touching. Isn't it great to feel that love and protection. You can make me a tag and I will love it! Yes, I feel the same way about homemade gifts - so many were unloved and unappreciated!

  17. You are so artistic and talented! WOW! This is lovely. I'm so happy to visit and see the beautiful things you make! Sweet hugs, diane

  18. Beautiful tag and a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  19. What a beautiful tag you have created for your Dear One. I'm sure he will appreciate it! (popping over from the Grow Your Blog event)


  20. Awesome blog and great post! Found you in GYB.
    Definitely a new follower and here to stay!
    I love making tags, too! Not nearly as lovely as yours!
    diane @ thoughts and shots


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