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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Letter L

LuluLiz in LalaLand gently bullied me yesterday,
those were HER words, not mine..... ;)  into making a tag for 

Actually, she has been encouraging me for months to do it. Even though the
"Official Tag Tuesday" is no longer open to new participants, I want to make a tag each week so I might learn to make tags quicker and try new ideas and techniques. But I guess she is right....
I have to ACTUALLY MAKE a tag 
to learn something new!
The background lace is a newer piece of lace that Daughters*1 and *3 bought for me in Germany three years ago. I love it! the lace is about 5 1/2 inches wide and LONG. I lays in the windowsill of my Quiet Room window, with three Willow figures I have been given as gifts. It is just the thing for the front window! Thanks girls!

I love lace...so this "L" tag is dedicated to 
"The Love of  Lace"
I even used some champagne pink lace,
I tell ya, you pink gals are rubbing off on me!
This has three layers of lace on the edges
with some fussy cut pieces.

I also have a heart fetish, as you know, and I have plans to build a mantel around the
fireplace in our master bedroom.
I saw this verse on
 Suziqus Threadworks
on her Valentines Day post, and I just adored it. I changed "hundred" to "thousand"
and contacted Kerry of 
French & Sparrow
to see if she would custom make me one of her beautiful clay heart garlands
with the verse on the main heart.  And she said she could! Kerry sells these and other adorable clay items in her Etsy Shop,
Oh, the garland will go across the new mantel...Yes I am putting the hearts before the mantel...

The garland is 4 1/2 feet long with seven hearts and extra twine on each end to attach it and hang down each side.
I just love the impressions she places on each of the clay hearts. Leaves and florals,
French writing and swirls and fancies.
Some hearts have impressions on both sides.
I love the Champagne Pink Lace.
I will have to use it judiciously because I
have only a very little bit...
If you like the garlands and tags,
check out her Etsy shop.
Kerry is in Paris right now... I am trying to figure out a way for her to have to work HARD when she gets back...
I could always order more...
That would really show her.....
**rolling eyes at self**

In just the right lighting, you can see the shimmers on the tag. I really did have fun making it, though I hope to get faster. It still took longer than I wanted it to. I guess I'll have to let go of some of my perfectionism. That is what making weekly tags is about for me, learning to create and not fuss over every little thing. I will let you know how successful I am with that...

Thanks for coming by,
Hearts and hugs to all of you followers!

PS ~ Did you notice the difference in my header? I am so happy with it!


  1. Tehehehe, you needed bullying, girl, and just look at what you achieved, the L for LACE tag is gorgeous!!! You photographed it so beautifully as well, the second to last photo, of the tag resting on the beautiful heart garland, is just so dreamy.

    1. Liz,
      I did need the bullying, I admit it FREELY!!! I am so glad you like it!
      I am afraid you have created a Blogging Moster! LOL
      Thank you for all your encouragement and friendship!
      Heart hugs to you, sweet friend!

  2. Replies
    1. Kathy,
      Thanks so much for coming by! How are you doing? Have you found any new Gluten Free recipes?
      I should post some! I have some easter plans for new recipes.
      Have a great day!

  3. Your tag is so pretty, I love all the different lace on it.
    Everybody needs encouragement sometimes, as artists we are talented, we never know how many skills are hidden until we try them.
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Angela,
      Thanks for coming by! I appreciate YOUR encouragement as well!
      I think I might have some sewing time next week!
      Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!!!

  4. It's beautiful and the sentiments to match...

    1. Lovey,
      So glad to see you here!!! I love your blog, and am excited to learn more about you and your work!
      Heats to you, Have a beautiful Easter weekend!

  5. Hi Betsy,

    thanks for coming by for a visit, and for your sweet comments! Love your pretty tag, Ibet they can be addicting to make! I wish I had a fireplace in my bedroom. My house is 91 yrs old, you would think that it would have had one. Have a blessed Easter!


  6. Hi Betsy, thanks so much for your message. If you are on facebook inbox my French Blue and Peachy Pink page and I will send you my address. I am so curious as to what you are sending me ? What a lovely thought.
    I haven't had much time to devote to my blog due to study and family life but will hopefully have more time next week after Easter. Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. I hope your Easter has been peaceful and relaxing and you haven't overdosed on too much chocolate like I seem to have xo

  7. and I ADORE those tags that you have made. They are so pretty x

  8. Betsy, awesome job. That tag is lovely and frilly and just gorgeous! I love the hearts too that are just too cute!

  9. Your tag came out beautifully - swoon.


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