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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Tag Ornaments

It is December!
......it has been for a few days! I have had such a busy two weeks I haven't made time to post anything on the blog! But I have been taking pictures of what I have been up to......

I have been trying to learn how to make tags....and I decided that I would make one for our oldest Grandgirl for her Christmas ornament this year. I wanted to give her a play baking set for Christmas and the tag/ornament could be a reminder of the gift!

She loves to help her Mom, Daughter*1, make cookies for herself and for her Daddy. She sits on the counter or a stool and helps. She has her own apron that she wears, but that doesn't mean Mimi can't give her another one for Christmas!! "Mimi" is my Grandma name.

This was really fun for me.  I think I make tags very full, and somewhat busy...just like me! I can see how less can be more, but for this ornament, I really like it busy. I used some fun mini ornaments I purchased quite a few years ago for the cookies. I painted and antiqued them so they looked more the color of real cookies.
I thought the baker's twine was a fun addition for the cookies to be "hanging" from. I also threaded it through the lace on the bottom of the tag. It doesn't show up very much, but I thought it was just the right touch.
Then I made the tag string out of mulitple pieces of pearl cotton so it also has the appearance of baker's twine.

I had so much fun making this, I just had to make one for myself!

There are a few differences in hers and mine, but I did that on purpose. I will make the back of mine just like the back I put on hers. Her name, the Year and a "We Love YOU! From Papa and Mimi" on the back. This way when she comes to our house at Christmas, there will be an ornament on our tree similar to the one on her tree at home, but different.  I am also  making one for her baby sister. I decided that for a few years, at least, these will be the ornaments the Grandgirls get from us for Christmas. And they will be similar to their actual gift. Later in their lives, they may no longer have the gifts, but they will have a gift memory on their ornaments.

There are only three differences between her ornament and ours......Can you find the differences?

These ornaments will always tug at my heartstrings, because they remind me of my Grandgirls and the gifts we gave them and the things they love to do at each Christmas.



  1. Dear Betsy,
    this Tag is lovely! Your Grandchild will LOVE it with the Baking set! Such a wonderful idea!

    I only can find two differences... the name on the left side and the three ornaments hanging on the right side :O)

    Have a wonderful week,
    love and hugs

    1. Claudia,
      Ooops!!!! I forgot to even count the name tag! So there are FOUR differences....you did see two of them....do you want to try to guess the other two?

  2. Betsy this is charming, your grandaughter will be so pleased! I have only just become a gran, and I think this is a brilliant way to mark Ryder's first Christmas with a tag.! Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs Barb x

    1. Barb,
      I am so glad you like the idea, as well! They can be used on the tree the first few years, but then my Daughter*1 can slide them onto cording and put all of them together for a Christmas Garland. Eventually each Grand will have their own Christmas Gift Garland...or advent calendar....or....oh, I have TOO MANY IDEAS!
      Thanks for coming by!
      Hearts to you,

    2. I realized I didn't say what the differences between he Christmas Ornament Tags were!
      The paper that looks like the wall paper is stripes and dots on hers and mine is more holly and berry.
      I used cream and red pearl cotton to make the tag string on hers, to make it look like the baking string, and I used cream, red and green on mine.
      I used the three "cookies", like Claudia noticed, on the right side and on mine, I used to charms that look as if they could be cookie cutters.
      And then I didn't put her name on the front of mine. That was added later, but not for the picture!
      I had such fun making this. Time to make a different one!

  3. Very pretty! I love how you used the image. Besides the pillow, I ironed it on a small piece of drop cloth to try out fabric tags for a few gifts this year. I will use that tag for my son-in-law's gift; he is a wonderful baker and I made him a personalized Bakery sign for their kitchen.


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