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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Transformation of a Christmas Wreath

Do you have any Christmas decor that did not turn out the way you had envisioned?   I do.....
I made two wreaths some years ago. One I gave as a gift and that was the one I liked the most....

The other wreath.....not so much.

It just wasn't doin' it for me, you know? I tried to sell it an a Christmas Boutique...but no sale...
Two years later, two weeks ago... I decided I was going to redo this so it might sell.  It was pretty, but something was just not right....

So this is what it looked like next......I moved some of the pine cone bows and pears to the right bottom corner. . .  Better.... but I wasn't done yet...and those white jingle bells on the left needed to be rearranged...or some removed...and something else needed to be added.......

I added more icy vines around the poinsetta and pears....that is much better. I liked it hanging in my bathroom like it is now....but I want to be able to sell it.....and how many people have lavendar, blue and sage green, with purple~ish raspberries for Christmas decor? .....hmmmmm........*LIGHT BULB MOMENT*...IT NEEDS TO BE RED!

I CAN DO RED!!!! So...down to the work room....(okay, it is really a play room, but I can't call it THAT!!! I am trying to come up with a more.....prestigious name for it.....Oh! Maybe the DESIGN Room! That is MUCH better!) So down to the DESIGN STUDIO we go...me and my wreath. I used my red spray paint and look what happened....And I even had more icy RED grapes....I like how that looks!

I had to wrap the wreath in plastic wrap and pull the berries through to keep the rest of it from being sprayed. I sprayed each individual poinsettia petal, trying to keep the different tones showing through. It looks kinda "funky" only partly finished....soooo...

TA DA!!!!! I am REALLY loving THIS wreath! The purple~ish berries were pretty with the red spray, but the round previously made RED grapes added another shape and texture and I just liked them.  For the picture I added one of the vintage cookie cutter ornaments I made and it looked so sweet  in the wreath! I thought two of them might go in nicely, but then I would have to charge too much for the wreath. And I was hoping it would sell, even if I do like it better now!

When I post about the Christmas Boutique I will show you the close~ups I took of the cookie cutter ornaments I am selling. But if this wreath doesn't sell now..... I will be happy to keep it!

Christmas is my favorite time of year, maybe because my birthday is this month. But I just love the red and green and pine scented everything and the candles and the lights and the music and the caroling and the giving.....I love to give happiness ...

This wreath gives my Heartstrings a bit more Happiness!

Hugs to your Heart, Hope your Heart is Happy Today!


  1. This wreath is wonderful, dear Betsy!
    Have a wonderful week,

    1. Thank you, Claudia! I hope you have a great week too!

  2. The wreath is beautiful! I love the rich colors in the florals.

    I bet that was hard being at Tai Pan and having no room. I think I would have made them carry me on the top of the car so I could fit something in! Every year I tell myself that I am going to do with what I have and then I go out and see something. I always tell hubby that at least I shop at places like Tai Pan and TJ Maxx/Home Goods!

    You are right. I thought the tree was ok, although the proof is in the pudding. Every year I took photos to blog it and just didn't think any of them looked great. Maybe it wasn't the photographer so much as the tree! My friend saw mine and I had to help her redo hers!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Jacqueline,
      It was SO hard to be a Tai Pan Trading and NOT buy much....I did buy one bird's nest....I HAD to get something! I am loving the chandeliers for candles they have...
      I said exactly that to my hubby....."You can strap me on the top if I find something!" I had to laugh when I read you rcomment!
      Have a geat week!
      Hugs for your heart,

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your redo! I've certainly had do do the same kind of thing before. Thanks so much for stopping by the new blog while I get things sorted out! I hope you're enjoying the season!

    1. Oh, thank you for the Birthday wishes Jaqueline!
      We do what we have to when things are not the color we want! I am glad I am courageous that way.
      There have only been a few times I've ruined something, usually it is exactly as I hoped it would be!
      I hope things transition smoothly for your blog. How frustrating this must be fore you.
      Hearts to you,


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