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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dutch Inspired Christmas Tags as Ornaments

I had so much fun making my Grandgirls' Christmas Ornament Tags, I decided to make some for my sis~in~law. She loves vintage things, she quilts, she cooks, she decorates and she loves old silver. And it was her birthday! I found in my vintage images two pictures that were a Dutch theme.

This vintage windmill charm is so sweet and isn't that salt spoon amazing? It is so tiny! I am not sure which things I will finally use...we will see!

Her husband, my husband's brother, went to The Netherlands on a mission for our church 35 years ago, and as a family, they have continued some Dutch Christmas traditions. They put out their wooden shoes as well as stockings on Christmas Eve, they have a really wonderful Nutcracker Collection. They have purchased one or two each year. Their home is beautiful and she is an amazing decorator. Her Christmas Decor is fabulous....it is a gorgeous Christmas home at Christmas time.

I got so excited, you know how fun it is when you find something you are pretty sure someone will love....I got all my stash out..well, only part of it...it is too much to get all of it out at once!
I chose some vintage laces, vintage glass buttons, heart charms, and glitter, and I began working on two Christmas Ornaments for her birthday.

I love the look of the snowy glitter on the images. I found some vintage silver items in Germany when I was there this summer, and I wanted to incorporate some of them into the tag/ornament.

This snowy windmill scene is on the back of the tag with the girl carrying the mistletoe. The spoon will be attached to the tag back with a lace tie, so she can remove it for a different use if she would like. The  windmill charm will be attached to the back of the tag with the couples skating and carrying mistletoe. I love these images.....

See..........my tags end up being very busy....I don't know if I even am able to make something simple.... LOL, I'll have to work at being simple.....work....at simple?....THAT sounds like an oxymoron to me.....*rolling eyes at myself*....

This is the finished product.....the windmill charm attached to the back of the couple tag/ornament....
I have had such fun making these...I learned lots about what worked and didn't work, it was fun to try different products and learn how to use them. I might have to make myself a set of these tags, with different silver pieces.

I finally decided on a spoon with dutch wooden shoes on the handle, it is very sweet.

But the tags are so busy....
It seems that everything I do is busy...  ;P.... what to do about that, I am not sure....Any suggestions?  
My heart just loves elegance...don't know why, I am NOT an elegant person....but that is what warms and tugs at my Heartstrings. Guess I'll have to live with it !
I don't think my sis~in~law can have as much fun with these as I had making them...but I am good with that, too!
Hugs to your Heart!


  1. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

    1. Claudia,
      I Wish you and your family a Fabulous New Year! HOpe all is well with you and yours!
      heart hugs to you all!

  2. Jake, my older son-in-law, is of Dutch ancestory. He would love this.

  3. I have a friend who has a son-in-law named Jake, of Dutch ancestory.....I wonder if he would like this too???!!!
    I know his mother would! Thanks so much for stopping by to see the Dutch tag ornaments I make. Like I said, I don't know
    if my sis-in-law will have as much fun with these as I had in making them! I am ready to do some more tags!
    I will post them when I am finished with them. Have a Great 2013!
    herts to you,

  4. Well, just look at ya, those tags are gorgeous! They are NOT too busy, so stop worrying about it. You are finding your own style, and if that includes colour and patterns and many different embellishments, then so be it. Its YOU! They really are great, girl.

    1. Thank you, Liz!
      I am so happy that you like them! But even happier that you are feeling a bit beter these days! It is good to see you here, my sweet friend...and if you only know how many pictures I HAVE NOT posted.....you've created a monster I am afraid! LOLOL Talk to you soon!
      Happy 2013 to you! WE will have such fun this year even IF we ARE OLD!!!


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