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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grey Dey Thursday at Petite Michelle Louise's!

Good Thursday to you!

I realized that I had not posted all the pictures about the 

with Antique French Linens, Laces and Buttons

that I received for my Birthday in December from LuluLizinLalaland.

 This is the Grey Kit as seen in Liz Etsy Shop ~ LaCroixRosion 
Her shop is closed for a few weeks while they are at their cottage in France, however.
I showed you some of the items she included in the kit on my blog post about the
Anniversary Tag/Card  I made Hubby for our 33rd Anniversary this month.
However, I did not show you ALL of the things she gave me!

There are so many pieces it is hard to get them all in a picture where you can see them all!
I had these on the table in my "studio" (ha!) for a few weeks and just loved looking at them!
Everything is displayed on a silver cake pedestal I have and love to use.
I had a lovely tablescape for Valentines Day, but always forget to take pictures! So I left some of the 
table decor out to use in taking these pictures of the Grey Kit.

Liz dyed most of the laces Grey. With the same dye, she started with the darker pieces, and then added more water to the dye vat so the next few lace pieces would be a lighter grey. She did that a few times.
HERE you can see her lovely pictures on her post about making up the kits.

I am so amazed at how many different colors of laces she was able to come up with. I know each piece of lace takes the dye differently, and it is wonderful to have so many variations! 

Isn't that stem of millinery coral bells so pretty? If you know Liz, you know she loves vintage millinery flowers, so I feel very privileged to receive a stem of her finds! She uses them very judiciously!

All of these laces and trims, wide or narrow are so unique and I look forward to making a collage with many of them for Daughter*4's bedroom. We painted her room Grey and white this summer and have a few more things to finish before I show you.

 These sequins, pearls, faceted metal beads, and tiny seed beads she has found at a particular family booth at the French Brocante. For a few years past, they have been selling the remainder of their Grandmother's stash of lovely things for embellishing clothing she made for celebrities. They are very high quality embellishments, and are just gorgeous!

I forgot that I had only take SOME of the items out of the paper bag that contained my Grey Kit and after a few weeks I noticed the bag sitting on the counter across from the table. 

When I opened the bag, I saw the rest of the things I had forgotten were in the bag!

These GORGEOUS Grey Fabrics were also in the kit, there is a piece of Grey sweater fabric, two different pieces, a dark Grey and a medium light Grey, that are vintage french linen...heavy and will be wonderful for a collage! The piece of crushed Grey velvet is so soft and pretty, even that back side of it is an interesting texture that will be a wonderful option!

The three rhinestone beads that are next to the single flower are the kind that you sew onto clothing. If you look closely, there are two tubes on the back that you sew through to secure them to the fabric.  It is a little hard to see, but there is a piece of grey gauze fabric...I have a plan for that piece!

Here is a close up of the linens and the rhinestone beads. I cannot remember the name of these beads, I will add it when I find out again.

This vintage cupid I purchased at a local Vintage Store, Patina, in Richland, WA. It is metal and competely covered in Silver German glass glitter, both sides. It was just so cute, I had to get it! When we get our mantel finished on our bedroom fireplace it will live on the mantel. The dishes and bowls and all these candles were also part of our Valentine Tablescape. It was a white and silver, with pink carnations night of family love and fun. Candle Light Dinner on elegant dishes. I was not feeling well enough to do more, but we had fun and enjoyed Pizza by Candlelight!

Speaking of Love, I wanted to share with you again this vintage lace, buttons and music collage with the image of Jesus Christ that Liz sent to me a year and a half ago.

 Lately, I have been so gratefully feeling His love for me. Making a daily connection with Heavenly Father and my Savior is really helping me to find the balance I want to feel in my life. Their love calms me, and gives me hope and confidence that I can make the changes that will help my life be more balanced.

Liz was making some beautiful collages of  Madonna and Child and posting about them on her blog.
I thought they were so beautiful, but I was telling her how much I loved them and that
a collage of the Savior would be magnificent, as well!
Liz emailed me back and said "I just made one of the Savior!" and she posted about it the next day.
I thought is was amazingly beautiful and it made me smile and filled my heart with joy!
About a month later, I was having a rough day, and feeling a bit down and overwhelmed.
I came home from a long chat with a friend who was having some troubles with her children,
and I didn't have a clue how to comfort her. So, I was feeling a little sad.
And sitting on the counter, there was a package from Liz. I had ordered some vintage pans, I posted about it HERE, and included in the package was the Collage of the Savior that she had made!
I just began to cry, it was just what I needed that day. To be reminded that
He was waiting for me to come to Him for comfort and to have faith that He would comfort my friend,
in ways I never can know how to comfort her.
He knows how to comfort each of us because He felt what we feel.
So, I am reminded each time I see this amazing collage of how much the Savior loves me,
and how much my sweet bloggy friend thinks of me!
This gorgeous collage has a Vintange Image of Jesus Christ with the Sacred Heart,
a background of Vintage Music, and I LOVE music about the Savior,
surrounded by Beautiful Vintage Laces, crochet motifs and buttons.
On the very bottom of the collage she added this religious pendant that makes me smile
and warms my heart when I look at it closely.
It is a pendant of the Savior of the World, kissing a small girl on the forehead.

I close my eyes and can imagine that kiss on my forehead.
and in humility my heart soars because,

I Know That My Savior Loves Me!

Thank you, LuluLiz, for your kind and generous heart!

I am remined everyday of all my dear bloggy friends, I enjoy your comments so much and love the connections we make in sharing our ideas and creations and thoughts about life.
Hope you feel loved this week!

Go see what other grey lovlies posted there!


  1. Piękne szare koronki i nie tylko, różne koraliki i perełki pięknie ułożone, będę chętnie oglądać Twoje kolaże, pozdrawiam Beata:))

  2. my goodness..what a treasure trove of beauties! i would have swooned at the sight of it all. SO lovely! LuLuLiz is ever so sweet. I adore her "Savior" collage. I am sure you will cherish it. Happy creating with all those pretties! ;)

  3. So beautiful, what a collection! What a beautiful collage!

  4. Hi Becky, spare your visit in my fairyland! Congratulations for the beautiful photos, with these treasures maybe you decide to make your version of vanilla bubbles! A hug. Paola

  5. Amazing collection of greys! Do post photos of what you make. I hardly knew grey existed before PML grey Thursdays! Love the millinery flowers....so special!

  6. Betsy-
    I emailed you earlier -- and also left a comment that you had won one of the book sets that were given away as part of my GROW YOUR BLOG party-- can you please send me a private email with your address so that I can see that the book set is sent to you:)

  7. What fun items - it looks like a store! It is all so pretty on the silver cake platter. I know how it goes - you get a table or food ready and then forget to take more than one picture or two or even none!!!
    How wonderful to come home from a rough day and have that lovely gift from Liz of Christ.

  8. You know, girl, it puts the biggest smile on my face when you write such a post as this one. Thank for your being such a wonderful friend. It makes me so happy to know that these things mean so much to you. xxx

  9. A beautiful post Betsy! What gorgeous gifts came from Liz along with that beautiful collage of Christ!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Oh my- such beautiful pictures of laces and beads-- the grey combinations are just stunning. Grey is quickly becoming my new favorite color:)

    You have such a wonderful assortment of notions to create with-- such fun!



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