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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family Surprise!

I surprised my family for my birthday in December...
I know that is backward, but that is how we roll around here.
Seattle, Washington
Our very favorite singing group was performing in Seattle and we HAD to go! 
Well, I HAD TO GO! So, I decided to take them with me. 
Our son and I worked it out so that he could stay at home for a few days after Thanksgiving
and then fly back to college from Seattle after the concert (cheap flight!)
We were so excited!

The Tenors, formerly the Canadian Tenors, have been a favorite of ours since the 
first time we saw them in October of 2009. 

Hubby, Son and Daughter*4

Our son, who is very musical, was not able to attend that performance and he was so disappointed. The next concert I took the girls to was while he was on his mission in Brazil. So, when I figured out we could actually make this work,  he was very happy!
Daughter*4 did not know about the trip until that morning. She woke up to get ready for school, and I told her to go back to bed, we had a surprised planned for my birthday. I had made arrangements with the school and her coach and everything was set. I had surprised her one other time with tickets to their concert, so when I told her about the surprise she said, "Really..? Is is what I THINK it is....REALLY!??!" I nodded my head and she freaked out a little jumping up and down and said  "You are so awesome, Mom! Thank you! I am so excited!", hugged me and got back into bed to sleep longer.

If you are not familiar with The Tenors music, 
they are Pop Opera. It is like four Josh Grobans...
Four handsome guys in Armani suits,
amazing harmonies, classy performances, their songs are all uplifting, their show is entertaining, clean and fun. Their music literally
brings me to tears, it is so beautiful. 

Here is a link to one of my favorite songs of
Of course, I could add their complete repetoire here,
they are SO wonderful, and even better in concert!

When we saw them in concert that first time,
I was in the beginning of an anxiety time,
This song was a real inspiration to me over the next five months of recovery.

I almost gave them a standing ovation on this opening number of their concert. 

We had great seats and just absorbed in all the music. It was their Christmas Concert and it really got us in the Christmas Spirit.
We have their Christmas CD, The Perfect Gift, and it was really hard to NOT sing along as they sang. 
We have been fortunate that after each concert the circumstances were just right that we have been able to visit with
the group. And after this concert, we were able to
visit with them again!

Daughter *4, now 17, got to visit with Clifton Murray, she was smitten by him after the first concert
when he spoke with her in a very charming manner, she was 13 at that time, and personalized her CD.
She was ecstatic!
This is our Son speaking Portuguese with Remigio Pereira, 
they both talk with their hands!

We were able to share some of our  Sheffield Sparkling Cider with them,
we have another time as well, and they were very appreciative. Fraser Walters, the one I am standing by, asked about the farm and the cider, they are interested in their fans and such appreciative performers.
Daughter*4 was in heaven in the center of all those handsome men!
Victor Micallef, the Tenor with the hat, has an amazing opera trained voice,
they teasingly refer to him as "Pipes" because he can really get the notes out there
in such a beautiful way.

Their newest CD, "Lead With Your Heart", came out last year and we
love it as much as the other two. "The Canadian Tenors", their first CD, is also wonderful.
They sing in English, French and Italian and it is all so thrilling!
As you see, I cannot say enough good about them.
If you love all genres of music, try listening to this group.
You will be impressed.

One of my favorites from the "Lead With Your Heart" album, is
"Anchor Me".

The first time I really listened to the CD,
I listened to the song for about an hour so I could learn the melody and lyrics.
It brings me such comfort, and I open my heart and voice and
sing it out...in the car, of course! And I cry.

It was a GREAT BIRTHDAY present to share with my family!

I hope you have music you love to listen to that touches your heart and fills your soul
with the Love for God, Love for self, and Love for Family.

Love is all you can take with you.
Feel it and offer it to all you get the chance to.

Life if so much more full when filled with Love.

Hugs to you,


  1. Dear Betsy, I am so glad for you! What a lovely and wonderful surprise this was!
    Wishing you days filled with Love!
    big hugs

  2. What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday!

  3. They are wonderful. How nice for you to be able to meet them. Happy birthday!


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