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Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Vintage Store!

There is a new Vintage Store in our area!
 Judy has been having a monthly sale in her home of vintage items she
has found at Estate Sales in Seattle and throughout Washington State 
for the past 12 years. Her back yard shares a fence with the home I grew up in!
She has now moved to a small shop and is having to restock her store every few days!
 I love the things she finds. I adore this cream hand towel. The cut work 
embroidery is just amazing and perfect...It hangs on my bathroom hand towel bar
along with my white embroidered towels I posted about here.
I have been looking for some crystals to add to a chandelier I found and I was so happy
she had these for sale. I love the old pan, and plan to make some muffins or tiny individual cakes in it. 
Right now it sits with the vintage pans I have from LuluLiz in her Etsy Shop  in a cute metal basket.
They all look so nice together and I just want to bake in them!
I love the pearls, can't have too many of those!
This is a gorgeous valance that is made from hand woven fabric. The edges have just 
enough of a wave to them that you know it is not done by machine.
I love the drawn thread hemming on it...so beautiful.
The hand crocheted edging is very pretty, too. There are some places where
it has come unravelled and needs to be repaired, but the price was excellent and I can
make the repairs myself! I am not sure where this will stay in my home,
but when it gets there, I will show you...possibly the laundry room!
The vintage saddle ornament will be used for Daughter*4's friend for a graduation gift
next June. I hope it turns out as well as I'd like for it to!
PATINA is the name of her new store and every time I go in, I take a LONG time 
looking around the tiny shop, it is so full! I just received a loyal customer coupon
from her and I am excited to USE IT! The package of french vocabulary cards, the knight chess piece, the drawer pull and a silver ring I cannot get off of Daughter*4's finger came in a gift package 
from PATINA during their opening sale days. Anyone who came in, whether they purchased or not, was able to choose a gift from Judy. She had such nice and fun things in the gift bags.
She still has some of the gift items in baskets throughout the shop.
If anyone in Washington State needs a getaway day, let me know and we can plan 
lunch and a tour of the vintage shops in my Area!
That gorgeous doily underneath everything here I also purchased from Judy some months ago.
 And that is also the base for my header picture above!
I have other items from her and I will eventually post about them as well!

Happy Vintage and Antique Shopping this summer! Keep cool 
and enjoy lots of Lemonade!

Hearts to you!



  1. Hi betsy,
    how lucky aou can be to have such a lovely store in your area!
    Happy new eek,
    hugs to you

  2. Oh how fun. Looks like you found some goodies:) Can't wait to see what you do with the saddle orny. I have several of those 'just awaitin' inspiration.
    Keep cool today.


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