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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"The Theatre, The Theatre, What Happened to "the Theatre?" Cafe Murder ~ Part 2

I am finally back with Part Two of,
Cafe Murder. . . dun, dun dun...
The Dinner and the Theatre!!!
This is our high school cafeteria and it was full on the night of the show!
We were happy about that! 
Friends enjoying their meal! at a RED table!
16 tables, and we added one more for a family that we just could not say no to! 
(The office staff accidentally oversold the tickets by one table, but we had just enough food!)

The boy's Table! A checked table!
When I saw this table, I got just a bit nervous......one, two, three, four, five boys....no adults...
glass cider bottles...glass vase...only six can fit at a table... I wouldn't want to sit with them either...
I guess we will see how it goes! They were great and very well behaved!

The Junior High School Principal's family and friends
These people come to every function and have a blast! We have known them for YEARS!

At Our Table
My Mominlaw and my dear friend, Marcella.
These gals are so supportive of me in most everything I do and they help me too!
Hubby was off pouring Sheffield Cider for the audience and visiting.

Daughter*2 and her Hubby
She wasn't happy about the picture....is it obvious? LOL
They also are my partners in crime, grime, strawberries, paint, dirt,
you name it, they are helping me!

Maitr d' (Daughter*2) is asking the cafe guests about pre-meal drinks
The play begins in a French Cafe called Cafe Murder.....
(I should have had a birdcage with a black crow or two around somewhere, because a flock of crows is called a "Murder"and that was the emblem of the cafe...which no ONE told me until it was too late!
I should have read the play BEFORE I decorated! Can't depend on a teenager to give enough info!!!
Talk about MURDER!!!! ohhh... wait....Please excuse the RANT!)

Maitr d' introduces the chef to the cafe patrons
"Rosemary" and her four sisters,  Marjorie, Melanie, Valerie and Volleny, have come to 
Cafe Murder to celebrate Rosemary's birthday, but Rosemary is the
ONLY one who really wants to be there....she demanded they come!
The Maitr d' and the chef, as well as the sisters, just wish they would hurry, and
 Rosemary would be GONE! 
She is a pill of a customer, she says she is allergic to water...but the French Chef, Franc,
 misunderstands that she is allergic to "Rosemary"and water, ... he is confused.

Waitress has waited on Rosemary at another establishment
Rosemary MUST go to the Bathroom and the light is out so she makes everyone come
with her. The Chef shows the way.
They all hear a scream, but are in the dark and no one seems to know what happened.
The Maitr d' flirts with the detective!
When they all return, Rosemary is not with them, but a newly graduate-by-mail 
detective, Detective Harris, comes to the cafe!
He finds a top and a water puddle in the bathroom and everyone becomes a suspect
...Dun, Dun, Dun...!

The Audience gets to ask the suspects questions and guess who the "Murderer" is,
the Maitr d' (Daughter*2) explains this process to the audience.

The High School Principal asks questions of three cast members.

It ends up that the Waitress did it...but all she did was throw water on Rosemary, and it looked like she melted...She really just went to get a towel, and there was NO murder after all.
It was a somewhat short "Theater" production, but a great meal and a very fun event
for all who attended.

Thanks, LuluLiz, for the red and white checked cheese papers! I over did it on
the advertising, we donated the sparkling cider for the meal!
And since I eat gluten free, it didn't occur to me until too late to have baguettes in the basket. Next time ...
I don't think this cafeteria really looks anything like a French Cafe....
but what can you do? ... Use what you've got!!!

Happy Cafes this summer!




  1. This looks like so much fun! I had to laugh at all those boys sitting at the table...I remember "the kids table" and the mischief we'd get ourselves in.

  2. You did such a great job with the staging, the decorating of the tables and the scenes is fabulous! Congrats to the kids for putting on such a wonderful play, and congrats to you for making it so very French! Everybody seems so happy and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

  3. Hi Betsy,
    thank you for those great pictures! Looks, like it was a great show and wonderful time in "Cafe Murder" :O)))
    Wishing you a happy and wonderful weekend!
    love and hugs

  4. Hello Betsy, What a great show and it looks like everyone had a super great time. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos with us. Have a lovely Summer. Hugs Judy


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