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Monday, May 27, 2013

Decoration Day/Memorial Day 2013

I was raised by parents who are very patriotic.
I have grown up "Loving My Land, America".

Coming from a singing family, it is easy for me to break into song at the sight of the American flag, 
or hear a song in my head when I see military personnel in uniform in an airport. 
I have also been known to express gratitude to them spontaneously,
for their hard work and sacrifices made to keep someone free.

In Memory of those who have died, serving their country, but more importantly,
providing Freediom from oppressive governments and people.

I have some other thoughts to share, but right now I have some flowers to place on a few graves.

I love this vintage picture that belonged to my husband's Grandmother. I keep it 
on the top of my kitchen cabinets to remind me....

Have a Memorable Memorial Day, I will post more later!
Hearts, to My Land American and you, my bloggy friends!



  1. No graves nearby here but we did take a moment to think about my parents, both gone for ages now. I always think of my dad's WWII service on Memorial Day and how blessed I was that he survived the beaches of Normandy! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.

    1. I am grateful he survived the beaches of Normandy. And grateful to those who went down fighting to protect him and the freedoms of the German people, even the ones who did not realize what kind of oppression they were under at the time.
      It was wonderful to see all the flags posted in the cemetary every five feet, with names of the honored war heroes who fell in th e performance of their duty. Freedom is certainly not free.
      I am SO GRATEFUL!


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