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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prom Dinner with THE dishes!

Last weekend was the Junior Prom Dance at our high school and my Daughter was invited
to attend with a friend, who is also a cousin to her cousin....but not HER cousin.
The guys in the groups' Mothers all had things going and I offered to do the dinner at our home.
Daughter*4 is our youngest and there have not been any formal Ladies ask Gentlemen
Dances at her school! I WANT to be able to do some formal dinners for her!
She has been the server for her siblings formal dinners as she grew up, and
it is HER turn to get to be the princess and be served! 
So, Daughter*2 and Hubby came out to help me! I helped them with something, too, while 
they were here, so it was a great swap! SILaw set the table!!!! And took pictures for me. I intended to take more, but somehow the dinner priority arrived! This isn't even the final way the table looked before dinner!
My Battenburg lace cloth.....get this....used to be a shower curtain! Our Son....hehehe.....
decided to try out the scissors when he was little and cut a huge chunk of fabric
from the shower curtain, bless his little heart....*rolling eyes*. I just
couldn't let that beautiful center go to waste. When helping for a nieces wedding reception, my Sweet MomInLaw carefully cut around the center medallion so I could have this for a table cloth. 
Doesn't it look pretty amazing over the colored topper? 
I used a green topper under the battenburg, since my yellow and green dishes accents are
in our dining area on display for the spring, as you see in THIS POST. The battenburg lace napkins in the cups I have had for years. I got them on 75% discount along with a 120 inch table cloth, there are 12 napkins!
I made placecards for each of them and placed a wired daisy around the stem of the girls goblets.
Daughter*4 made her own corsage and her date's boutonniere and there were flowers left over. 
The plates shown are the American Ateleier Athena Charger Plate, Athena Dinner Plate, Sweet Olive Designs Fancy Scroll Collection, and the top saucer is American Ateleier Baroque. We used the saucer for the dessert plate. Doesn't the Baroque look great with the Athena? It is a great compliment to the other dishes, but adds even more variety to the table! So many combinations with dishes!
This was our side table, of course, we have to serve our Sheffield Cider! I think they went through four bottles. The silverplate cooler I found on ebay very inexpensive and gave it to my hubby for Father's Day last year. He thought it was great! We have wanted one for a long time, even though we do not drink alcohol, and since we actually make sparkling cider now, it just seemed like the right time to find a good deal on one! (And I get dishes for Mother's Day, he could get dishes for Father's Day, right? *smiley Face* )
We started the meal with a glass of our Heirloom Raspberry Cider. It is a limited edition sparkling cider that we have only had a few months. (Actually, I don't like this one as well as the others. They have a more complex taste than this cider does, and I like the depth and variety of flavors in those complex ciders)
This was how it all looked the night after the dinner and pretty much looks like this today.
Someday soon I hope to refinish my table and chairs. Hopefully this summer.

This group of teenagers always has a great time together.
The guys looked nice in their tuxes, but had to take an "OREO" picture.... still the same little boys they have always been! *smiley face*

The girls are very good friends. They run around with lots of girls and include anyone that wants to come with them to have good, clean, silly fun.  This "Charlie's Angels" pose is always a favorite of theirs. Some of these kids call me Mama E., they are like adopted children to me! And being able to do this warms my heart! I don't know why it is SO MUCH FUN for me...but it is! I can't seem to stop myself! I could not have done it without the help of Daughter*2, her Hubby and my MomInLaw's encouragement! Thanks so much for making it a wonderful evening for The Princess! SonInLaw even made molded herb butter for me to serve with the Asparagus! He is awesome! Some time I might actually remember to take pictures of the food!
We will see what Mother's Day dinner brings!
Hearts to you all!


  1. It has been awhile since Prom Days at our house. I am retiring - in less than a month now- and when my husband sent out the invitations, my daughter immediately announced the party to her "crew" from high school. One is now a doctor in town with 2 little boys, but we watched those kids grow up and they watched me age so I am glad they are all coming.

    My husband moved a lot - 5 schools in 7th grade - so watching knowing our kids still have their pre-school friends is precious to him.

    Your daughter and her friends look like the type that will make anything fun!

  2. Congrats to your little and so pretty daughter! Your table is gorgeous and the china is stunning! How wonderful you made a party at your home for the kids! Have a blessed Mom's Day too!
    Big hugs,

  3. Hi Betsy, Your daughter and her friends looked as though they were really enjoying themselves. They really looked good in their prom dresses and tux's I know in our area for the kids to go out for prom is expensive. I can't wait to see what your kids do for you after what you did for them. I did make it through your previous post about your dishes and even the one about your daughter's play. It is so wonderful to see a caring parent that wants to be involved with their children. It makes this grandmother very proud of you. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  4. Hello Betsy,
    You are such a great Mum to give a lovely dinner party for your daughter and her friends.
    Congratulations to your youngest and beautiful daughter. I love the Oreo biscuit! I'm sure they had a wonderful evening.
    I hope you will have a great Mother's day.

  5. Sweeeet! What nuts teenagers can be:) They look so nice all dolled up. The table looked amazing too. Bet they loved it.
    Have a Happy Mother's Day~

  6. What a lovely table! It must have been some night for those kids!

  7. Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous! What a stunning young lady. I am so happy to hear that all went well with the formal dinner. The table setting is sooooo pretty, all that wonderful china really comes into its own on occasions like this. Love it. Shower curtain? Really? xxx

  8. Wow-what a great Mom you are. What cute kids, too! I love the idea and your table scape was so gorgeous! I'm sure the food was much better than an expensive restaurant and they weren't nervous about ordering the wrong thing. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! -Derrith

  9. Oh Betsy your daughter looks so beautiful, you must have felt all proud and teary when you saw her walk out in her dress. That is a proud Mama bea moment :-)
    I hope that her prom was super fantastic xo


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