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Saturday, November 10, 2012


This Fall Saturday morning I have a Sunday School song going through my head while I am cleaning my house.
 "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday,
We clean the house and we shop at the store, so we don't have to work until Monday!
We brush our clothes and we shine our shoes and we call it our get the work done day,
Then we trim our nails and we shampoo our hair, So we can be ready for Sunday!"

Sometimes I wonder if this generation of children even knows what some of those things are.....
"Brush your....clothes..? Do we really have to shine our shoes......with wax....? Trim our nails...."  My children are pretty much grown, so they know what all those things are!

I received a text from a dear friend, and she sent me this picture....
This is her display in her dining room of her Harvest Decor and
the Non - Alcoholic Sparkling Cider we make on our farm from the apples we grow. Her son and his Homecoming date were in the group of kids that my daughter and her date went with. Since we live far enough away from a nice restaurant,
about 45 minutes in the opposite direction as the high school where the dance is held, Mothers of the kids get together to make and serve them a nice dinner.  If it is a boy ask girl dance, the boys' Moms make it. If it is a girl ask boy dance, the girls' Moms make it. But the kids in our
area are pretty familiar with our sparkling cider and they pretty much love it. So I sent these bottles my friend's home to make sure they had some to serve at the dinner as well as have some for their family.
 The bottle I sent for the dinner was our "Vintage Dry" sparkling cider. This second picture was taken by my dear niece, Jana Claus, of the other three varieties, "Classic Sweet", "Cherry" and "Harvest Crush". They are all an apple base, just different varieties of apples and some of fruit juice additions. The Classic Sweet is a variety of sweet apples combined for a unique fresh apple flavor. The Harvest Crush is apple with some grape juice added, and if I have to choose, I'd say this one was my favorite. But I like them all! The Vintage Dry is made from more tart varieties of apples and has a high level of tannins, which means you can feel it bubble on the roof of your mouth and, in an British accent, "it cleanses the palette".....and is good with a meal....or without! The Cherry has tart cherry juice added to it, and it tastes a bit like Cherry Pie at the end of your swallow. The Cherry is wonderful with Turkey and my hubby loves to make Cherry Cider floats with it and vanilla ice cream.....it is delicious! We have fun sharing it and getting the word out there about it to people. Locally we sell it at gift stores and some Grocery Stores. The Fruit Company in Hood River, Oregon uses our ciders in some of their gift baskets. Their gift baskets are available through Costco Stores and online. A Seattle Grocery Chain is also carrying it, the Metropolitan Market. We had such a great time doing tastings last November there and will be doing them again in a few weeks. It is so much fun to let people taste it.  It tastes like an apple in a bottle.  There is only fruit juices and carbonation, with sulphites as a preservative with no added sugar and it is Non-Alcoholic! It is great for reducing and using in sauces for meat and salad dressings. Tai Pan Trading in Sandy, UT also carries it in the Gourmet Foods section near the checkouts. You can look at our Sheffield Cider website and check it out if you like! We have FREE shipping if you purchase a case of cider, through the Holidays. If you order some, let them know you heard about it from me!
 I had a few bottles on my Halloween Table to offer to parents who drove their kids TOTing and both groups of kids tried to get their parents to believe that I gave the bottle to THEM! LOL One even said that he won it for having the best cosume of the two of them.....that would be The Grimm Brothers on my Halloween Blog.  I had to laugh and I appreciate his creativity.
You'll see lots of Sheffield Cider pictures on my blog!

Have a Wonderful Saturday!
Oh! One more picture.......

Liz from Lululizinlalaland
 posted these pictures of their Alfresco Lunch at their cottage in the Countryside of France, enjoying our cider. I am SO glad you liked it, Liz! She has been such a sweet friend to me, I love her brocante finds and vintage items she sells in her Etsy shop, LaCroixRosion and I enjoy some of them in my own home now! Because of her influence, I was so excited to go to the flohmarkt (Flea Market) in Germany when we were there this summer. I found gorgeous laces and all kinds of vintage beauties, silver and books and lace, Lace, LACE! I had to send her some cider out of gratitude! I love her style and she is SUCH fun! She was sweet enough to put pictures on her 
blog about our Sparkling Cider!
Oh, Two more pictures!

Don't they have an absolutely gorgeous view?
And that Tomato and Fresh Mozerella Cheese salad that is at Liz's place is one of my Favorite meals!


  1. Oh man, that cider, it is absolutely delicious! I can still remember the taste when I think back to the lovely summer's day when DH and I were sitting in France, overlooking our valley, and eating our lunch accompanied by that gorgeous cider of yours. DELICIOUS!!!

    1. Oh, Liz!
      I am going to put up the picture you sent! I forgot to!
      Hope you have a beautiful weekend, girl!

  2. I am definitely going to look for this at Tai Pan! I love carbonated apple juice.So nice to meet you and glad you love the pancakes. They are amazing and I just keep the leftover cinnamon filling in the fridge so it is always around.

    Absolutely make it with frozen peaches. I had only made the crisp with fresh up until I tried the cannery peaches and now I am thrilled to be able to eat it year round.

    1. Jacqueline,
      If you like sparkling cider, you are going to LOVE this! When I am doing tasting at Tai Pan, I will let you know! Try some with your Thanksgiving dinner and please let me know how you like it!

  3. Hi Betsy,
    Liz from liz-moments.blogspot.de forwarded a comment you left at her Blog, to me, where you ask, if I sell those knitted wrist warmers. ;O)
    If you are interested, please send me an email ( in my profile ) and we can talk about! Would love to knitt again :O)))
    Have a nice week,


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