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Thanks for coming to my Blog! I am a Daughter of a King, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of five, MomInLaw of two, and Gram of three. Designing and creating feeds something inside of me! This blog will be sharing about my faith, my family, my life, my creations and collections. I am on a journey to learn balance and will be sharing about that as well. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beautiful Sunday....

I enjoyed a worshipful Sunday today. We Skyped with our Daughter*1, her hubby and our 2 Grandgirls, so much fun! We attended church as a family and Daughter*2 and her hubby spent yesterday and today with us.  It is so nice to have them living near for a wonderful change.
Her hubby made us yummy dinner.....last night....AND today.  He is a wonderful cook and I really appreciate him being so kind and willing.  He made a wonderful Gluten Free Cherry/Berry Pie last night....just with a recipe in his head....and it was so wonderfully delicious!
My M-I-Law had dinner with us and helped me mend a knitted dolly sweater from a dolly I bought at a flea market in Germany this summer.....I was hoping she would know how to fix it. Between the two of us, it is fixed!
I am so grateful to my Savior, Jesus Christ, for His Love and willingness to atone for our sins. I am grateful to our Heavenly Father, who provided a way for us to return to Him, by His Grace and Mercy, made available to us by that atonement of His Son. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit, that leads me and guides me and makes it possible for me to feel that connection to my Heavenly Father.
I will talk about my beliefs on this blog, because it is a large part of my life.  But, I share what I believe because it is a part of my everyday life, I know my talents come from Him. And I don't expect others to believe how I do, I just like to share my thoughts....This picture hangs in our entry way to remind us

I Feel My Savior's Love, The Love He Freely Gives Me

Hope your Sunday was a Sabbath!

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  1. We had son No. 2 and his family round for dinner on Sunday as well, but it was my Darling husband who cooked it, bless him. I love having my round round.


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