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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Beautiful November Day!

What a beautiful November day in our neck of the woods....
Where might that neck of the woods be?
On a farm in Southeastern Washington, a few hours south of Spokane, if you know where that is.
Our view to the Northeast off of our deck. What you see before you is our back lawn with an empty orchard, where the white sprinkler pipes stick up, just beyond it. The empty orchard is a post for another day. In the middle of the picture, on the right side, you see tall trellises with small trees. That section of the orchard was replanted last year and these small trees will grow on and be supported by the trellises.  The grove of large trees is across the road and where our neighbor's house is.  Their farm is to the left of the grove.  The most beautiful part about our view off our deck is in the distance. It is a natural gorge that travels about 12 miles to the north of us.  I like sit on the deck and enjoy moment to moment sunlight and view changes.
The view to the east of our home. The area you can see extends to about 250 acres. It is planted in Fuji apples, Perfection Apricots, More Fuji Apples, Bing Sweet Cherries,  Rival Apricots,Van Sweet Cherries, Gala Apples, Granny Smith Apples, and Pink Lady Apples.
Did I mention we grow Apples? This area used to be asparagus and it was wonderful to be able to walk out and cut it for a meal, but now I have to hunt for asparagus...What is that truck and trailer doing right next to my house you ask? That is also another post!
This is my view out my front door. With the help 
of my hubby, daughters and a son-in-law to be, at that time, we planted these trees so I could have some tall trees along with the orchard trees. On the left is a Cottonwood Tree, an old wood bench, a Butterfly Bush, two Aspen Trees, a Don Redwood Tree and the rest are more Aspens. I have flowers and Hostas that are more easily seen in the spring and summer, but I love the view in front of my home.

This is the north end of the line of Trees. The orchard is Organic Fuji Apples. I love being able to walk out and pick an apple off the tree to eat. Generally after harvest there are two trees with apples still hanging on them that I save for canning applesauce. This year I didn't get them marked so I have
to go to a different block on the farm where they are still picking apples. My hubby and his two brothers and about eight full time employees run the family farm. We hire additional employees for picking the approximately 850 acres of apples that we grow. It's a big job and we are grateful for our employees!
I have spent too much time on the computer, trying to edit photos and such, I am still learning! I am off to see my daughter and go to a Vintage Boutique, Garden Gate, that happens to be in the neighborhood I grew up in!!! I was so happy to find her, and that her backyard and the backyard of the house I grew up in are across the back fence and down a house from each other!
I will show you the treasures I find there!
Have a beautiful November day!


  1. I am so glad you posted photos of where you live, it is great seeing your part of the world.

  2. Oh, I miss your beautiful home! It has been forever since I have been there.


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