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Monday, June 1, 2015

Cookies With Grandma!!!

A year or two ago I found this cute little book and bought it to use with the Grandgirls when they were a little older and could enjoy making cut out cookies with me. The cookie cutters came with the book, and there is a recipe for sugar cookies on one of the pages. 

But since it was easier, we used pre-made sugar cookie dough and rolled the squares out a few at a time so we could cut out our cookies. "Daddy" has a sensitivity to food coloring, so we used a beet powder to make our cookies red-ish pink.

Some of them we kept the natural color and some just had a little color in them. We had lots of fun making these with some little cutters that "Mommy" had. That way there will be more for our tea party celebrating their BabySister's birth! 

I enjoyed helping those little hands learn to roll out cookies dough... And some hilarious things happened and were said.
The pre-made dough is pretty sticky and I had a hard time rolling them out. I was supposed to be showing Grandgirl *1 how to do it and I couldn't get it to work! Grandgirl* says, "Mimi, you don't know how to make cookies..." 
I started to laugh so hard and said "It is SURE looking like that, isn't it!" She gave me another chance, and we got it figured out. 

Grandgirl*2 is so funny! After being here in Germany for almost 2 weeks, the baby was born. For those few days before I had been doing what "Mimi", my Grandma name, does... helping right? 
Well this little cutie jumps up on the hospital bed to see her Mommy and meet the new baby. I leaned over to help her adjust something on her shoe and she said, "NO!" And looking at her Mommy she said, "She thinks she's MY Mommy, when really she is Just YOUR Mommy!!!" 
I thought I was going to break a rib laughing!!! She explained it so well! She was saying, "Mimi, you will NOT take my Mommy's place... You will NOT!"
I thought it was very good that she was able to verbalize what she was feeling, at three years old. I was able to reassure her that I just wanted to help, not to be her Mommy. 

Another day, Grandgirl*1 was at a party and Mommy and BabySister were at the pediatrician's office getting a new baby check. We went to the park across from the doctor office and I pushed her on the swing. 

I got in the swing next to her and started swinging myself, and she looked at me and giggled, 
"Mimi, are you my Mommy's Mommy?"
"Yes, I am!" I replied with a smile, thinking we had already established that at the hospital...
"You so silly!" she said, sure that her refined Mommy would not be doing something so silly at the playground in the park in Germany. The Geman people are very proper and I am fairly certain an adult might not swing at the playground... But I love to swing! Ah, well... I am who I ! 
And having such a wonderful time with our Grandgirls!

Isn't BabySister an adorable baby girl??!! So alert, observant and precious...

"Every baby is the sweetest and the best.. "~ Anne of Green Gables

Happy June 1st!! Have a wonderful Monday!

Hugs to you all, thanks for coming by!



  1. Hi Betsy,
    oh, what a sweet post, it lookes, like you had a lot of fun together, baking Cookies with Grandma, always a great joy!
    Love the book and the cookie-bears :O)
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  2. I love the things children say. Innocent and HONEST! :) Oh...that photo of the baby just says "new baby smell". I miss that. My two babies just smell like sweaty, stinky boys anymore (and I love it). Enjoy your wee ones, Mimi!


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