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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Neckpurse Strap

I realized I hadn't posted pictures of the "strap" I made for the neck purse I was given by
Pat Winter, of Pat Winter Gatherings Blog.
It is really a used necklace chain we had, with some beads added.
It was harder than I hoped it would be.
The perfectionist in me is a real pain....

Above was my first try... And I was not particularly fond of it. Do you know how many times beads rolled off my counter???? I am sure it took an extra hour or two from climbing off my bar stool to pick up the crazy beads! Yes, I have beaded before, but I didn't want to go get a towel, I just wanted to bead!

Next time.... I will get a towel. *rolling eyes at self*

I looked at other beading projects and realized that I needed larger beads, which I thought I didn't have. But I looked around and remembered a few places I had things stashed and found the rest of the beads I needed.

This version is more pleasing to my eye, and this is how it has stayed. From the bottom of the strands up, I found the green teardrop beads in a bead set we have had for years. I was using the "E" beads at the time, from the set. Now, I have use for the seed beads as well!
The pink are Swarovski crystals I have had about as long. The oval pearls are from a stash of vintage beads I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. I am amazed at the beads and vintage jewelry I bought there that day. Two boxes... Some I won't use, but much I will!

The gold rose beads, large and small, are from that same purchase. The green glass beads came off one of those Jewelry Christmas trees that were so popular in the 60s. It was my mother's tree in a frame, but she didn't make it. So I had no qualms about taking it apart to use the jewelry! I am using the frame for something else.
The pink beads I stole from Daughter*4's earring drawer! I didn't realize they were given to her as a birthday gift when she was 12. She doesn't wear them so I thought they were fair game...Oops! She can inherit the purse! I don't have any pink large beads, so I was scrounging! I did send her pictures and asked if I could use them... She told me they were a gift, and forgave me. 
The glass beads above the pink were from a collection of vintage aurora borealis glass beads I purchased from my favorite local Vintage shop, Patina. 
I used necklace clasps to attach the bead strings to the purse and to an old metal necklace chain I did get permission to use from Daughter*4! She gave me that some time ago. I like how the
clasps accent the beads much better on this version. instead of at one end, they are on either end of the bead strand.

Above the aurora borealis beads are a smaller gold rose bead. I thought their vintage look was just right for this purse. I wanted to add some "Glam" to the purse back so I spent a gazillion hours making this collection of "baubles". This was what I was making when I kept having to get off my bar stool! I realized that I needed more of the correct jewelry findings, so I made a trip to JoAnn's Fabric and bought a collection that matched what I was already using, a combination of gold and antique golds colored metals. It made it so much easier when I had enough of what I needed to attach each item so it could hang just right at the right length and spacing. The pink aurora borealis was a vintage necklace on a gold chain, also from Patina. It was a wonderful color accent to the "baubles". I had a clear glass teardrop pendant , but you can see below, it was too large for this size of bag. Pretty, but larger than I wanted.

This was my first attempt at the "baubles". It needed more color as well as additional items. Here is 
a close up shot of the final "baubles".

I love the gold heart locket, I think it's Black Hills Gold, also from the yard sale find! I think I will put pictures or my initials inside of the locket. And there has to be a heart somewhere on this! I just love hearts!
Daughter*2 says the baubles should be on the front, they are also very beautiful there. I need to tack them down, however. They swing very well when I walk or lean over. 
I wear this purse whenever I go shopping lately. I am going to have to make a few more so I don't wear this gorgeous one out! It's already looking a bit soiled... Can't have that! I may just have to keep it hanging on the towel bar in my bathroom... It looks so beautiful there as well!
I am so excited to make a purse myself! 
And I have been doing more house cleaning and organization, so now I can give myself a little time to work on one. In the evenings, I have also been sorting seed beads... A bag of various kinds and colors of vintage beads from Patina. I need to call Judy at Patina and have her set aside the other two mixed bags for me! They will be great for Crazy Quilt Projects!!! And the sorting really appeals to my OCD!!!!! I have been sick a few days, and hope to stop sneezing and sniffing soon! But I can still sort beads! 
Have a beautiful Monday!
Hugs and thanks for coming by!


P.S. I am not sure why the text changes during my posting when I post from my phone....I think that is odd...and I don't really like to post from my phone. But it's to keep me from spending so much time on the computer!!!! I AM trying to organize around here and the computer is SUCH a magnet to me!
And, I am not sure why only one picture didn't have the white behind it. That would be from the Be Funky App I used on the phone. I'd rather the white background was not there...I will remember that for another time I try it...


  1. Beautifully done, Lanette, looks so lovely on the purse. It was really nice to hear the stories behind the beads as well.

  2. Hello Lanette
    What a lovely job you have done with your strand of collected beads. The strand turned out beautifully and I love the little collection of baubles with the sweet gold heart. All in all just perfect for Pat's bag!
    xox Suzy

  3. Hello Betsy, I just wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, I'm so pleased you are touched and inspired by what you see, thank you for sharing that. Warm wishes, Christine x

  4. Hello Lanette,
    what a beautiful bag, from Pat, and your chain, looks so wonderfull,with the different coloured beads- giving it a touch of magic!!
    I love the baubles of all kinds, the golden heart is so beautiful, there .You did a lovely job.
    Dorthe, xo

  5. Your chain is gorgeous, but what is the real colour of the purse?
    It reminds me the sroty with one dress that blow up the internet last week - blue and black or white and gold, maybe you know about it :)

    Spring cleaning Chelsea

  6. Hello Lanette,
    Your chain is very beautiful !! So nice, the colors with the purse.
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my pendant post.
    I sure hope you received my e-mail last week !!
    Respond on your question about buying one.
    Hugs to you, dear friend,


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