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Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Favorite Girls in the World! Part II

After we finished taking the First Set of Pictures,
we staged had a lemonade party (there wasn't time for a real one!)
Lemonade or Hot Chocolate parties are a favorite family tradition for us,
so we had to include this in our photo shoot.

The table is one the two older girls had in their room when they were small.
It has been used, abused, and loved for years.
The crochet table cloth I found at the flohmarkt in Germany for 3 Euros.

Grandgirl*1 waiting patiently for her cup.
She is wearing the Easter gloves her Mother wore when she was this age. Her Mother was very careful with
her beloved gloves, so I was able to save them and remembered to get them out for this occasion.

Grandgirl*2 anticipates getting her cup into her hands. 
The Baby gown is so beautifully embroidered. Grandgirl *2 didn't mind what she was wearing as long as she could have her cup.

Grandgirl is wearing a French style dress her Mother found for her that has machine made
Broderie Anglaise, on it, but so adorable and sweet, just like her!
They brought the dress with them from Germany for our pictures!
You can see the details in the french top, purchased from LuluLiz of course,
that Daughter*4 is wearing, delicate and beautiful! Amazing handwork!

Grandgirl*2 knows her cup is empty, maybe the teapot has something in it!

This is Daughter*4's teaset from when she was little. We continue to use it when
neices and Grandnieces come to visit.

We have this much fun with cookies and lemonade, too!

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to take these pictures after 
planning for this day for 14 months. I loved how they turned out,
and I hope that we can take pictures at a real lemonade picnic lunch next time
those sweet Grands are visiting us from Germany, and all my girls are 
with me again, all under the same roof for just a few days...

A few more pictures I LOVE from the day...
Kitty wanted to be in these too, she just walked all around.
Love this one, the girls were thrilled to eat the green apples. 

Trying to be serious to make a black and white out of it...
Daughter*1 looks like she isn't sure she believes you...Daughter*2 looks almost mad!
Daughter*3 looks like she did when she was in trouble when she was little,
I look dazed and in shock...and Daughter*4 has that Model look down pat,
none of the looks we hoped we had on our faces!
We just coulnd't pull it off! I said something funny and smiled and they started laughing!

Finally we got a better version,
we were all envious of that Model look on Daughter*4...
The best one was the first picture we took in this sequence that I posted
in part one of the photo shoot.

Can you see in this picture that Daughters *3 and *4 are wearing skirts that have a similar Broderie Anglaise
pattern on them to GrandGirl*1's dress? The pinks are just a tiny bit difference in color, but
I found these skirts for $7 each! PERFECT for this day!
These do I love, old things, old places....
Remembered times, Familiar faces 

I love my girls and Mom, with every fiber of each one of my heartstrings...

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!
Hugs to you all!


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  1. What a gorgeous family of ladies! Your daughters and grand daughters are beautiful and those skirts are a real find. The photos are a real treasure, for sure. Thanks for sharing them with us blogging friends!

  2. Again beautiful! I love the "serious" photo. You could put it on a wanted poster next to the beautiful graceful color photo with smiles:)

  3. These photographs are so precious. A once in a lifetime photo shoot. xx

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL family, Betsy!! I can see you all had a fun time with this photo shoot and I'm sure it will be remembered forever. Beautiful photos!

  5. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous ladies! The love you have for each other shines through!

  6. What a wonderful photo's of your girls and you. The setting is so very romantic. Beautiful !!
    All of you are looking so gorgeous in this lace clothing. Love it.

    Blessings to you all dear Betsy !! Hugs,



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