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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

15th Annual Christmas Tradition ~ Part Two and Giveaway

Welcome back! 

SonIL*2 creating...he is an excellent artist
and very creative!
Daughter*4 enjoying candy and watching
BroIL fix her wire...What are they making???

Look at what they made!!!!

They were trying to out do themselves after the carousel last year. I would say they succeeded!

Hubby's Mom decided to go easy and made an igloo out of Mini Marshmallows.

I love the teeny tiny marshmallows I got for hot chocolate, but they decided to use them as snowballs
in decorating their Cottages!

I decided that I deserved a pre-made gingerbread house kit after all these years of being such a fun mom
so here is my rendition this year. Usually I just get a kick out of all of theirs.
Just a plain old plain old, but it was fun.
And my hubby??? What was HIS Christmas ... hmmm....  
what would I refer to it as...oh, ... structure!

This didn't take him hardly any time at all to make... 
Was he cheating?? And what is it?

Look closely at the above Picture and if you can guess correctly what it is....
I will send you one of what is in the picture in the mail this week!

He is a sneaky guy when he makes stuff...
**shaking my head**,  but I did laugh and think it was very clever!!! 

Leave a comment below and your guess at what it is....I will contact the winner on Friday and 
get it in the mail to you right away! 

 Here is our completed "Cracker Christmas Village".

It sits on top of our computer armoire. I haven't told you about the armoires... oh boy, what a story!
And that lovely candelabra on the right is a birthday gift to me from my kids!
I will have to tell you about that too!

Too many stories and I take too long telling them!
Hope to be here more often posting.
hugs and Christmas Cottage love,



  1. I adore the Cracker Christmas Village! It looks fabulous and I bet it makes everybody smile every time the pass this lovely scene.

  2. I think it is my brain going around in circles half lit half dim:) heehee In my husband's family there was a tradition of making g-bread houses every year. Last year we spent a week making 11 houses worth of parts and sugar gluing them together - all the kids say they are 'too big' for making them so we didn't do it this year. We'll see in a few years if they miss the tradition of it. For us it was a lot of work; don't know what the 'kids' were complaining about. They got the fun part. (They youngest teens are 14, oldest in college.)

  3. Hello Betsy,
    how lovely is this! I really LOVE your Cracker Christmas village!
    Made with so much Love, it looks wonderful!
    Wishing you a peaceful, calm and blessed Christmas time!
    Love and hugs

  4. Your pictures are all so cute with your borders and art work. What program did you use? I think his looks like an Indian Sweat Lodge!
    We usually do a large couple of them using Williams Sonoma's mold but I have been sick and Kirk ended up with an emergency kidney stone surgery last week, plus we had a dinner for 23 Saturday night and were in charge of the ward party - Christmas in Nauvoo - huge - last night so I think it will wait until next year!!

  5. Hi Betsy,
    What lovely posts !! What a great tradition you have. The minute I saw this I was thinking to do this together with our grandchildren.
    They will stay coming saturday. I love the whole village. It brings a smile. I love how you did your photo's!
    Don't think your post is too long or the text is too much. I always love and enjoy your writing and pictures !

    Thank you so much for your visits and lovely comments on my blog. I'm sure you can use the ideas for your own fair next year.
    Already looking forward to see the photo's....you in the Victorian outfit.... :).

    Have a great, wonderful Christmas Time.

    Hugs and Blessings, Wilma.

  6. Blue prints for the next new ride at Disney???
    Layout for next year's corn maze???
    A Spirograph in reverse???
    Einstein's theory of time reversal???
    OOOooo, ooooo....he is alien literate, and it is a reply to crop circle messages???
    Really, have not a clue:) Looks like architecture of some sort.

  7. A quick hello to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. One full of love, health and lots of happiness....And a prosperous New Year.



  8. So amazing is the Cheistmas Cracker Village!
    Love and Christmas blessings to you!
    PS I haven't got a clue!

  9. What wonderful gingerbread creations! Happy New Year!


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