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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Christmas in August

All of our children were here in August, when our son returned home from a mission 
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil. He was there for two years, so 
when he returned part of our festivities was a Christmas in August Celebration.  
Everyone brought small gifts for each other, but Daughter*1 brought me some gorgeous 
linens and crochets from the flohmarkt  in Frankfort, Germany!
 She knows just what I love and I do love it all!!!

This is an oval table cloth or runner that is so amazing.

I received three of each of these, and they are very pretty.

I don't think I have seen a doily quite like this before. I think it is beautiful. 

This doily is made from a silky, shiny thread.

I love the details on this runner. The center design is lovely. . .

Look at these gorgeous old buttons on this piece.... I ADORE this piece...

It's a European pillow sham. I do not have any European sized pillows, but I can sure get some!
This sham has need of repair, but I am looking forward to fixing it up.
It will be perfect in our off white bedroom. I am making a few changes in our 
master bedroom, but it it will remain mostly off white.

All of these pieces need to be soaked and oxycleaned! But they will be 
so pretty when washed and ironed. 
I don't like ironing clothing, but beautiful linens are another thing!

These "lacies" are so pretty and it will be so fun to use them on 
pillows, a curtain and a duvet cover. 

Thank you, Gigi, for the gorgeous doilies, the runners, and the European pillow sham.... 
But thank you most for your love and friendship and thoughtfulness in finding me such beauties!!! Hugs to you and your family, Sweet Girl. 
I want to make you something with some of these amazing pieces, too!

Hope you all enjoyed my gifts, I am really loving them.

Hearts to you all,
Have a great weekend!


PS I wish my crochet was so evenly finished! Hopefully I will get better as  go!
PPSS And I also got some other beautiful things from Brazil as well as silver from Germany from my other daughter!!! Show you those soon!

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  1. Hi Betsy!! Wow what a lot of lovelies you have there!!! I know you were so excited to get them! And Silver too!! WOOHOOO!
    Those laces are incredible. I want to see the pillow when you get it finished and stuffed. That looks so beautiful!
    Thanks so much for linking to my party!!

  2. Ooooh, Aaaaaah...priiiiity. Don't they just make you want to fill a bath tub up with lace and sink down in and take a nap:) I think the one runner is actually a dresser scarf and I love that sham. I have no doubt you'll get them 'fixed up.' They are beautiful! Also, lucky you to have all your kiddos home at the same time. Bet that was fun.

  3. 1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments
    2. I'm glad you visited because it gave me a chance to meet you/see your beautiful blog
    3. I adore all of these linens (I love to use similar items)
    4. After my son's birthday party today, I look forward to perusing more of your blog this weekend


  4. What treasures! All of those doilies are gorgeous Betsy.

  5. Ph betsy, how wonderful! So many lovely things! Must have been like Christmas, really! :O)
    Wish you a wonderful new week!
    Love and hugs

  6. Wow Betsy, those are gorgeous. What thoughtful and sweet gifts.

  7. Hi Betsy,
    What a wonderful gift. All the laces, runners and doilies are so beautiful !!
    Love it !!! Now hear this.... I haven't been on my blog for some days, but posted this morning.
    The title was......Christmas in October.....then I saw you named your post Christmas in August :))
    and told us just like I did about a gift of Lace.....
    How funny is that......My post is now called.... Early Christmas .....after all you were first...:-)

    Hugs to you dear Betsy !!

  8. Oh Betsy I have linen & lace envy... what a thoughtful gorgeous gift you received! You deserve it too, beautiful x hugs to you, Kerry

  9. Hello Betsy, What truly beautiful vintage linen.. All so very unique and lovely.. I would love to ask you about the crochet hearts.. I try to follow your message to a pattern and could not find one... Would you share this beautiful heart pattern with me.. Thanks I am very grateful for your kindness. Hugs Judy


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