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Monday, September 2, 2013


I have been so busy, busy, busy, I hope I am able to post all the pictures of the amazing, 
fun, relaxing, hard work things I have been up to this summer. 
I am still in the middle of painting, organizing, going to the airport, going out for dinner
and cooking dinner for guests, helping with wedding receptions,
coloring with grand girls, sewing fun things to play with at tea parties,
making cookies, getting professional family pictures taken, having 
welcome home parties, going to the beach and celebrating Christmas in August! 
Makes me tired just writing about it!!!! 

It has been hard work and lots of FUN!!!!
And in the beautiful middle of all of this, I received
a package... in the mail... 
From Australia!!!! 
Tag created by Suzi Q....so gorgeous!

Do you see the button on the left sidebar of my blog announcing a blog give away that 
Suzi Q from "Suziqu's threadworks" 
hosted on her "Where Bloggers Create " post?

I really enjoyed her post about where she creates, I have admired and loved her 
work since I started looking at blogs. I saw her give away,
 but you know, with her over 5,000 followers, I was completely sure I would not win it.
So, I posted her blog give away button to help others see her offering of a gift to a follower.

Tag created by Suzi Q,, love her love her Vintage laces!

Well, knock me down and pick me up, I am the blogger that won the 2nd place 
item she was offering to one of the many, Many, MANY bloggers who put 
her button on the sidebar of their blogs!!!!!  I was screamin' happy,
and that is NO exaggeration!! I could hardly sleep that night!
If you have not seen Suzy's creative genius, you will want to go to her  Blog and look around. 
You don't have to look far to see her amazing, gorgeous creations that will 
take your breath away..... I have wanted to touch something of hers for a long time. 
Every item is detailed and has a delicate beauty all its own...

This is Suzi Qs picture of the lace cuff she so generously offered bloggers who shared her giveaway link.

Her vintage lace books and journals, fabric books, quilts, her "heartstrings"....
(wonder why I'd like those!!!) doilies and tags are so detailed and so exquisite, 
my mouth is drops open the entire time I spend at her blog.

Created by Suzi Q

Her textures and fabrics are so interesting in every detail...I am in awe!

Doesn't Suzi Q make beautiful things????

This is the beautiful cuff she made and I received as the give away winner! It came "wrapped" in a pattern piece, and along with it came the gorgeous tag in the pictures above. She has used more than a dozen different kinds of laces on this cuff, 

Made by Suzi Q

It is covered in hand dyed lace motifs, vintage buttons, beads, pearls and vintage jewelry pieces.
Cuff made by Suzi Q

The vintage doilies look hand crotcheted and some are made with silken threads.
I love the jewelry pieces, vintage pearls and buttons she hand sewed onto
a base of vintage wool felt.  

Beautiful details by Suzi Q

I love the beaded flower and the hand stamped "Paris" on the pink and white pieces of fabric.

Suzi's pearls and bling and gauze, amazing combintions.

The vintage jewelry pieces and beads give so much detail to the piece, I just keep turning
and examining it and turning it again...

Suzi chooses beautiful embellishments...

My blue finger~nailed model was happy to be wearing it, I am not sure I can keep it off of her!!!
Suzy, she, the model, has decided that this is what we will be making for her bridesmaids
in the future dreamy wedding reception of hers, we have had such fun talking about it....
But first, she must find her prince, and she is just 17 so that is
certainly NOT at the top of her list in life right now!

Suzy also sent some pretty napkins with lovely images and sayings on them,
I look forward to using these on future projects!

I love how she nested the taupe~ish gray
pearls into the stained gauze, it is just so exquisitely Amazing! 

The gorgeous vintage lace cuff.......ah....I can't believe it is mine!!!!

I never thought I would win her give away, but I am so honored and thankful to Suzy for her generosity and kindness in making such gorgeous items and offering them to her follows as gifts!!!
 I hope I can make and offer something as wonderful to my followers one day!!! 

You know the professional pictures I mentioned? 
Wait till you see how I included the cuff!!!!
I think you will like it!
and so is your work!!! 
Thank you, so very much, dear friend!!!!

Hugs to you all!!!!

PS ~ Yes, I am aware that there are other punctuation marks on a keyboard 
in addition to an exclamation mark.  Just sayin'...


  1. I was so happy for you when I saw that you had won one of Suzy's giveaways, I knew you would love love love it so much. Her work blows me away every time I see her blog, and I am so thrilled and thankful to have some of her work as well. After all your hard work this summer you deserved this, girl! Oh, and tehehehe, I always use lots of exclamation marks as well, just sayin'........... :-)

  2. Wonderful things you won!
    Have a happy week,

  3. How exciting, my warmest congratulations to you!
    Good luck finishing your painting too! I have a few more fiddly bits to finish outside then I can start on the inside again. It never ends does it... once you start you notice other rooms that need doing lol.
    Warm hugs, Kerry x

  4. Hi dear Betsy Well you certainly have been so very busy catching up with the whole family, celebrating, dinners, photography etc. etc. and you even managed to create a post and you have created such an amazing post displaying your well earned win in my Giveaway. Thank you dear friend for your wonderful post and for your emails too - I feel so appreciated and that is lovely! Look forward to your next lot of photos too!
    Been a bit hectic here with friends really sick but now starting to come up again and create some more.
    Hopefully be able to email you as well very soon.
    Thank you so much Betsy for the shout out and enjoy your family at the moment.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Hello Betsy,

    Congratulations,so happy for you !! What a great gift ! Like you, I soo love and admire Suzy's work !!
    Must be so wonderful to actually hold it in your hands and even wear it!!
    You did a beautiful post about it.
    How busy you have been this summer !! What a looong list of activities.
    Don't know how you keep it together ! I can hear through, that you love and enjoy it.
    That's so good !
    Dear Betsy, thank you so much for your lovely words on my wedding gift blogpost !!
    So sweet of you !! It is so great to be encouraged by my blogfriends.

    Warm Hug, Wilma.

  6. Oh Betsy what an absolutely beautiful giveaway to win. You are a very lucky lady.
    I have all but disappeared of late from the blog world but I wanted to pop in and say a big hello.
    I am thick in the middle of exams and my business is appearing to be taking off which is wonderful.
    On top of all of that my computer died and I am left running my facebook pages via my phone which is frustrating. I have just borrowed my hubbys work computer to write to you.
    Your life seems to be happy and busy and full of love so that is wonderful.
    I am missing you and all of my other bloggy friends and thinking of you often.

  7. Congratulations on your win. It is a beautiful cuff. Sounds like your life has been so busy with good things. Glad your missionary is back. Do you have pics of your witch? Joni

  8. How fun and all the way from Australia. I would be stealing that cuff too! Sounds like you are just as crazy busy as always. Our missionary is doing great. He had silkworm puppa! It comes in a can and you chase it down with Coke!!! Yuck - can you imagine. Glad he is brave. Did you ever post any of your fairy garden items? We had a huge huge storm saturday and the only flooding I had (count my blessings) is in one of the fairy garden chairs!

  9. Congrats on your beautiful win. How special to receive something so beautiful.
    Your life is busy and full of devoted causes. Thank you for coming over and visiting me and leaving me such kind words. I am your newest follower. I see Jacqueline and Jon have visited as well. I designed both of their blogs. Blessings, Linda


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