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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Talented Friend!

My amazing Mom in law is so much fun!
She is a wonderfully talented woman who has been so willingly to patiently teach me 
how to do so many things!
She made and decorated our wedding cake 32 years ago, she has made and decorated
hundreds of cakes through the years.

My hubby's niece is getting married in a few weeks and her Bridal Shower was last Saturday.
I helped MomIL put these adorable tiny wedding dresses and frosting borders
on the sheet cakes she made for the shower. My hubby's nephew's wife is an
artist and she drew the shape of the dresses for
MomIL to use as a pattern.

MomIL put parchment paper over the drawn patterns and then used a Royal Icing
to form the outside of the dresses. She filled them in and used a
heart shape to make the bodice of the dress.

Then she piped the sleeves, the sleeve ruffles, the ruffles at the "hem" of the dress,
and added a soft pink frosting bow. 
Aren't these just so sweet?  

Her borders around each piece are so perfect. . .

Mine, however, are NOT perfect. I need more practice. She was kind enough to say, "They don't all have to be perfect, they just need to all look the same." DO NOT look too closely at mine! They aren't all the same! I even took some off and did them again! I should have redone more of them!

She is so fun to make things with. She always encourages me... And lifts my spirits.
I do not know what I would do without her!

Because of her encouragement, I have learned to sew more accurately,
learned patience in hand stitching quilts, patience in making bread, learned to not
give up on myself when I needed to rip out that seam AGAIN! Many times she would rip it out for me, and by then I would be more calm and could continue again without cutting the project into pieces!
She has also taught me, it is alright to recognize when enough is enough! 
A few weeks ago I asked about a project she was knitting. 
Her answer..."Oh, I threw it away! I was so tired of trying to fix it, 
I had just had enough and threw it out!" 
She has done that more than once through the years!!! 
It makes me laugh and feel so much better about myself!  

We were laughing and talking to Daughter *3 when we took this picture.
She said, " I look terrible!" And I said, "Well, so do I and I don't want to look bad alone!"
So here we are happily looking "terrible" together.
She is a very classic woman, she always looks dressy, she even wears nylons with her jeans!
So, this was a Betsy Inspired picture....just smile and we can look great another time! 
She is my dear, dear friend. I am so grateful to have her as a Mother! 
And so grateful for all she has taught me and the patience she has shown me.
Love to you, Mom E.!
If you notice when I comment on your posts, that is also the name that shows up 
with my picture. She is MY Mom E.!
Make frosting dresses sometime, it's kinda like paper dolls! Only sweeter!

Hugs to you all!!



  1. Hi Betsy, Isn't it fun to have someone to teach you and has abundance of patience while you are learning and asking questions. I didn't think you did that bad on the shower cake. Normally it was always wedding bells or something of that nature. Have a lot of fun and enjoy your day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  2. hi Betsy,
    your friend is really so talented! What a wonderful cake with those frosting dresses!
    great job!
    Happy week to you,
    love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia :O)

  3. She sounds like a really wonderful woman, how lucky you are to have her in your life! And dang, she is great with that frosting thingy, I couldn't do that in a million years.

  4. Hi Betsy,
    What a great cake, and the frosting is so beautiful.
    Your Mother in law is like a very loving friend to you.
    Lucky girl you are !! And I like the picture of you both.
    It's fun !

    Blessings to both of you,


  5. Hello Betsy,
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother in law,
    who is there to help and teach you, I wish she was mine!
    The cake looks so pretty with those cute dresses,
    I couldn't see the difference between yours and hers.

  6. How fun. I always say we have to eat my mistakes so there is no evidence that I messed up:)
    I like that you 2 aren't posing - you are real & that is beautiful.
    Lady Locust

  7. It is not hard to tell what a wonderful MIL you have, Betsy, and that the two of you are very close. How wonderfully talented she is! My mother and father-in-law taught me a lot, too, though they both passed away in the early years of our marriage, much too soon. My husband and I lived and still reside in the same town as them, where he grew up and my parents and family lived in a neighboring state. They were wonderful people and were so good to me. I miss them terribly, to this day.

  8. Its nice you have such a good relationship with your MIL and obviously have fun together! The little dresses are amazing on the cake. I've never seen anything like that before and the cake looks so nice!

  9. These are so cute! Thank you for showing us! -Derrith

  10. Hi Betsy! I am visiting from Martha's blog.

    Those little wedding dresses are so CUTE! I am not very DIY myself, but I love seeing what other people can do. You have a nice blog here! I love the smiles on you and your Mom E.! Nothing can be better than that.

    Nice to meet you!


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